There is nothing certain about a new relationship, especially when you decide to take a long road trip to get to know each other better. As I planned a road trip for the holidays with my new love, I found quite a few things that were challenging, to say the least. I hope my experience and tips might help your road trip plan to go a lot more smoothly than mine did.
As I began to plan my trip home for the holidays with my new “boo”, I thought of the potential things that could go wrong and some possible ways to avoid the pitfalls in the future and things I could have done differently.
I met my “boo” about 1 month ago and we have been inseparable since. I have to admit, it’s kind of disgusting how much I miss him when we are at work, or when I’m spending time with my girlfriends or simply during necessary “me” time. It’s a lovely time of year and the foliage is remarkable on the open road so I decided what better way to bond than a road-trip home for the holidays. Taking a 14-hour scenic drive, and spending two days with family, and then the long return trip will definitely be a challenge, and perhaps a good way to see if our new love can survive.
No sooner than I suggested the road trip, the honeymoon phase of the relationship was beginning to diminish. I began to view the newly formed relationship more seriously. Once blind to his spending, drinking and social habits, I started wondering if ignoring these very details would create a roadblock on Route 1.  Would we survive the planning of this trip, let alone the trip itself?
Here are a few tips to enhance the experience of your new relationship while planning the perfect road trip that I coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’ done had I known how stressful planning a vacation together could be.
  1. Start a budget- this is a good way to see if your potential partner/roadie is interested in a financial commitment. Start a fund for gas, snacks, hotels, and rentals in advance so that the stops are brief and organized. Be sure to put aside a personal abandonment fare, ie, mad money. For more budget tips, click here. 

Who is going (friends/ family or a new location)? Be aware of what the vibration will be and who will be in attendance at the functions if possible. Make sure your date is aware of the setting beforehand and not prepared to turn all the way up for granny’s prayer breakfast.

What will be the ideal time frame expected before departure?  I hate when I bring someone someplace and I’m ready to go, but they don’t get the hint. (wink, wink, my ex will arrive at 3 pm, let’s go!!!)

When can we expect to arrive/depart? Basically, just have a schedule even if you don’t stick to it. If your date does not want to leave with you, he has abandonment fare, right?

 Where are we going?  Grab a business card before leaving hotel /or address of relatives so you have a reference for your return in case of “accidental” separation (especially international trips).
     2. Truck stops are not just for gas! Family restrooms are located in airports and rest stop all across America, please use them to work on “bonding” if the long trip is going well.
    3. Who’s In the car? How will you introduce your partner? Be realistic about the relationship expectations with yourself. Keep in mind that you will need to be consistent throughout the entire trip so discuss something fun like role-playing. This is an exciting exchange, especially at truck stops.

4. Creativity and Spice…always nice. When you get tired and driving on the road just go topless! Have your passenger look up the various topless states you could potentially drive through and turn the music all the way up and enjoy the ride.

* For special packing tips for a sexy weekend getaway, click here.
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