If you couldn’t make it last Thursday to the Bloggers Behaving Badly Meetup at le Boudoir, you missed a crazy, fun party!


Novice and experienced bloggers shared their travel stories, including some pretty strange, bizarre and funny experiences.


Those who attended also shared secrets on how they find the best travel deals, hotels, and cheap flights.


Everyone loved le Boudoir, the sexy bar/ lounge in the basement under Chez Moi, the decadent French restaurant that would make even Twiggy break her diet. Boudoir is a sensual spot for a hot date; whether you’re meeting a Tinder match for the first time, or you’re a couple who have replaced your formerly fun Friday night dates with Netflix and chips and you’re too bored to even watch porn together. Check out Boudoir; the red velvet booths, gilded mirrors, and secret, sunken private room in the back of the bar might give your relationship the boost it needs.The nude, erotic paintings on the walls will help.


I’m pretty sure the bloggers who came to the event mostly just wanted to see for themselves if the famed Guillotine beverage would knock them on their asses, or at least help them to be more uninhibited in their writing.


If you want to find out just how bad w bloggers can be, you’ll just have to show up at the next event!

Net Bloggers Behaving Badly Meetup;Sat. April

NY Travel Fest near the registration table.

Sat. April 22nd 9:000 am

Sun. April 23rd 10:00 am

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