Bloggers Behaving Badly


Do you love to travel and wish you could be a blogger and get free trips all over the world?


Yeah, me too.


But if you know the reality of travel blogging, and you can handle the challenges and hard work it takes to become a successful blogger and you want to pursue your dream anyway, come to our meetup tonight.


We’re meeting at Tripadvisors #9 hotspot in NYC. 230 Fifth Ave (27th St.), a rooftop bar/ lounge with stunning views of the city. Plus, they have “igloos” on the roof where we can sit, talk about blogging, network, and share resources and tips.

Join us at the BLOGGERS BEHAVING BADLY meetup tonight!

Thursday 2/16/17

230 Fifth Ave. rooftop bar/lounge

6-8 pm (or later, depending on how bad we are).

Look for us in the igloos where we’ll be taking pictures of the stunning views of the city!

If you’re not in NYC or you can’t make it but would love to learn how to become a full-time blogger, join Travel Blog Success. I hesitated for a long time because every extra penny I had was needed in order to travel. But once I joined, I wished I’d signed up years ago. Joining TBS for me meant that I was able to go from dreaming about having a blog, to actually living the life of one. It was one of, no, THE best decision I’ve ever made as a blogger.

Click here to find out more!

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