Clubhouse is a hot new social media platform that has become wildly popular. People can attend rooms held by individuals and clubs where conversations on a “stage” are held on a wide variety of topics.

I moderate six regular rooms a week; some through Girls Love Travel, and some through my own club; Love Lust or Bust. I am also often invited to co-host others in their rooms and do several a week. One of the rooms I mod on Clubhouse is the weekly Blogging & Podcast Collaboration Tips & Tricks through the Girls Love Travel club.

Below are a few tips co-hosts and audience members have given in the room. If you want to hear more, join us each Monday at 11am est. You can follow me (@lovelustorbust or search for April Hope) to find this, and other rooms.

Link building

3 way link swaps

guest blog posts

co-feature other bloggers

Interview trade/ co-interview others in your space

be sure to ask whether your collab will be paid or not

moderate Clubhouse rooms together

create a club together on Clubhouse

always have a plan when you approach or pitch someone

do giveaways with products from sponsors

when pitching, ask “How can I be an asset to you?”

become a local guide expert

follow people in your area of expertise

create a vision board for your collab goals

get sponsors by attending virtual expos and conferences

contact others in the travel space and host each other/ share/ swap homes

Do you have any other ideas? Please comment below!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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