It’s difficult enough to deal with illness and diseases during normal times. Struggling with obesity, diabetes, and even the flu or common colds can be tough. Trying to avoid getting Covid-19 only increases the stress.

Staying healthy now is even more crucial. While there is no cure yet, there are ways we can keep our bodies as strong as possible, and to strengthen our immune systems. Eating healthy food can help you strengthen your body physically and mentally to fight against some diseases.

One of the best ways to do that is not by adding to the list of medications we may already take, but to start by eating a healthy diet. This won’t guarantee that you won’t get sick, but it sure will help your body to be able to fight off possibly illnesses, including corona.

Not only will eating healthy meals help you to lose weight if that’s your goal, but to eliminate or lower high cholesterol, diabetes, digestion issues, heart disease and colon cancer. It can also help to ease much of your stress, depression and anxiety.

You may not want to give up eating pork, red meat, fried chicken, or French fries, but there are a few things you can do that could make a big difference.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy:

1. Have one plant-based day a week.

You can enjoy delicious smoothies, and try making salads with ingredients you’ve never had before, like fresh figs, jicama, or persimmons.

2. Try a vegetarean day once a week.

Chick peas and lentils can be a nice substitute for meat.

3. Use plenty of fresh herbs and spices.

Fresh oregano, basil, thyme, and cinnamon are just a few plants full of antioxidents that not only make your food taste amazing, but they help with insomnia, and strengthen your immune system. Don’t think you’ve got to give up great tasting food to eat healthy. Add some spices, herbs, garlic and hot peppers to your food to give it that kick.

The best part is that you can grow many herbs in your apartment, in your window or on your fire escape.

4. Take turns cooking for your neighbors or friends.

Offer to cook for someone in your building, and alternate with them. It’s nice to have someone else make a meal for you once in a while. Being stuck inside during the pandemic can be not only boring, but being so isolated can add to depression and anxiety. Of course, its important to remember social distancing, but if you have a buddy you can help each other during this tough time, especially on days when you just don’t feel like cooking.

5. Consider investing in an air fryer.

There are often air fryer sales for Black Friday, or you can get an “open box” or Amazon Warehouse special deal. Air fryers are worth the price. You can rub a few spices on a small chicken and throw it in the air fryer with no oil, and it comes out tasting way better than any fried chicken or rotisserie chicken you’ve ever had before; only it’s much healthier!

6. Try “Nice Cream”.

Oh my god, if you’ve never had “nice cream”, you’re in for a treat. Although it tastes just like regular ice cream, nice cream is made from just one or two items that are completely natural and far less in sugar, something you should definitely avoid during the pandemic. For a few variations of this incredibly healthy dessert that tastes so scandalous, click here.

7. Zucchini Pasta

It takes less than 30 seconds to make zucchini pasta. You can buy an electric spiralizer for $25, or, you can get one from a dollar store or Family Dollar. You pop in a zucchini and it comes out looking, and tasting, like real pasta. You can saute it in a pan for about 30 seconds, but you can also simply pour spaghetti sauce over it and eat it raw. Either way it’s delicious and healthy. Click here for the recipe for Zucchini Pasta and homemade sauce.

I hope these tips can help you with ideas for keeping yourself as safe and as healthy as possible.

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