According to this article in The NY Times, about 81% of people lie in dating profiles. And although mostly they’re “little lies” (women by fudging on about 8.2 lbs (men fibbed on average by about 2 lbs) and men exaggerating their height, marital status, and income, some lies are more acceptable to online daters than others.




People tend to be unforgiving when someone sends them old pictures where a person looks much younger or when photos have been photo-shopped.

But when is it okay to either lie by omission or outright lie to protect yourself?

If you have epilepsy or have struggled with SADS (seasonal affective disorder) or another medical condition, should you be open about it with a stranger?

What about people who have careers that they would rather keep private until they get to know someone, for example, police officers, or celebrities?

There are people who have amassed quite a bit of wealth by starting a successful business or through a trust fund and they may feel that lying about their economic status keeps them safer.




Online dating has become the norm. Everyone is doing it or has done it, has met their spouse online, or knows someone who has. A recent study shows that one-third of all marriages began from online dating. And yet, people are cautious.

So if you met someone online who you seem to have a lot in common with and who appears to be a great match for you, and they confess that they lied about their name initially to protect themselves, would you forgive them? Would you still be willing to meet the person? How would you handle it?

Is honesty a top-priority, or would you understand their need to feel that they can trust you before revealing who they are? Does it make a difference if they tell you before you meet in person?  Tell us your thoughts below.

If you’re single and you love to travel and you’re willing to be brave and use an online dating site or app, check this article out.


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