By Ursula

Isn’t it a weird thing, a relationship? When you are single, you are looking for someone to be with. When you are in a relationship, you think you were better off alone. But when you do finally fall in love; don’t rock the boat!



It is one thing to have a relationship when you both have your jobs, doing sports and seeing each other basically only during the weekends or a vacation of about one or two weeks. Still, problems can occur and discussions with this kinda’ “normal” lifestyle. So now imagine being with your loved one 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. On a boat! It rocks, it shakes and you’re terrified for your life and your partner’s life. Sounds scary? It is. But it also is a great thing. A challenge from time to time, but great. 



My husband and I have lived on a sailing boat for the past two years. We now love each other more than ever but, to be honest, we have also planned to divorce at least three times.

Once, we had a big fight on the Mediterranean Sea when I was scared of the huge waves and wanted to turn around, but he refused. I wanted to leave immediately and never come back. But somehow, I stayed. Living on a sailboat so close together makes life more intense. The highs get higher, the lows get lower. We question each other and our relationship much more often than I like it, but it helps me to grow personally. Even though I sometimes would like to jump overboard just to be alone again, I know it will pass and better times will come. Life is a miracle for me and God (or whoever hangs around there) has a good sense of humor if you ask me.



So, even though I hate my husband sometimes, I always love him. I love him even when I hate him. And yes, that’s weird, but love is crazy.

If you want to read the rest of the story about communication on a sailboat, or more about Ursula and her crazy journeys with her husband on their sailboat, check out her blog, My Life in Flip Flops, click here

Do you ever fight with your partner to the point where you think you should end it (or jump overboard)? How do you manage to stay together? Please comment below!


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