I know, bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general looks exciting but also confusing. But for travel addicts, making money through cryptocurrency can help us to have the freedom and the funds to fulfil our travel dreams.

It can be overwhelming for beginners who have no idea how to read charts or how to get started. For most people, even the definition of what bitcoin and cryptocurrency IS can be confusing.

But if you’ve been watching the news and hearing about how crazy the bitcoin market is, and how it’s been shooting to the moon making people rich, and you’re ready to jump in and learn as you go, this is a fast track to buy bitcoin for absolute beginners using my referral codes for free bitcoin to help you.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE!! You can start with $10, but if you use my referral codes, you can get $5 to $25 free & you can start investing asap.

3 Basic Things to Know

1. Bitcoin and other “altcoins” are digital currency (cryptocurrency) currently rising rapidly in value.

*Investments are a risk, however, so you should do your own research.

** No matter what the price of Bitcoin is ($40,000 currently), you can begin with as little as $10 or $20 and buy a small piece of a Bitcoin, called “satoshis”. You can also buy “altcoins” which are similar to Bitcoin, some for less than a penny.

2. You can buy crypto on exchanges.

3, You can hold your crypto in “wallets”; in paper notebooks, digital wallets (like Trust or Atomic), and hardware wallets (like Nano ledger).

(For more information and details, click here.) Click on these referral codes below to get in the game now.

4 Easy Referral Codes for Cryptocurrency Exchanges


I think CashApp is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin. This referral code will give you a few bucks to get started.

Referal code: cash.me/app/LBJHCDKMy

My CashApp, for anyone who would like to buy me a beverage (or a new car) is $travelriter. Thank you!


To buy altcoins, check out crypto.com and get free $ to start by using my referral code.



Kucoin is my favorite platform to buy, sell and trade Bircoin and other altcoins. Of course my code will give you free $ to get started.



Coinbase is one of the more popular exchanges where you can buy crypto. With my code you can not only get free money just for signing up, you can also earn $2 or more ($50) simply for watching very short videos that teach you about crypto.


That’s basically all you need to get started today! Let me know in the comments below if you’re already an investor, or if you have other questions.

For an easy guide to buying Bitcoin & other crypto, check out this article for beginners .

You can also watch this Youtube video.

For more advanced investors, what are your favorite exchanges? How to you keep your crypto safe? Do you use a paper, digital or hardware wallet? What are your favorite coins? Who are your favorite Youtube crypto experts? Tell us below!

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