This week, our featured blogger Mia Ransom Parnell (MiaAdventura) shares her top travel tips.

My Top Five Travel Tips:


  • Become Team Carry On! If you’ve ever had lost (check), delayed (check), misplaced (check) luggage you know how difficult completing your trip can be! But if you pack smartly and lightly you can avoid the #SomethingHappenedToMyLuggage drama and board and deplane quickly and efficiently. After all, who wants to spend travel time waiting at the luggage carousel? #TeamCarryOn



  • Take a debit AND credit card! If you’re traveling out of the country make sure you bring a debit and credit card. My debit card allows me to get cash overseas without ANY fees! I arrive at my destination, get a bit of cash and I’m good to go. I use my credit card for all other purchases since there are no foreign exchange fees with it. Make sure you contact your banking establishments and give them your travel dates.


  • Get ALL of the advance discounts! I pay for ALL of my travel excursions in advance which usually gives me a discount on the price. I also make reservations in advance (do NOT wait for the last minute to buy tickets to the Anne Frank House or the Louvre) because tickets may not be available on the date you want or the line to purchase may be hours long. HOURS!!



  • Pack snacks. I love good food and I love to eat. However, some things will make my digestive track terribly unhappy causing a bathroom emergency. I bring nuts, dried fruit and various teas just in case the culinary offerings will not agree with me. I’ve also had a few incidents where I knew I would be in trouble after the first bite but I had my snack back up plan so everything was ok.


  • Get the flight price you want. I use several sites to find the best flight price and I never purchase last minute tickets unless there is an emergency. I have a travel plan and budget and I make sure I stay on track. I subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights, scan Google Flights for trends, and search Momondo, Skyscanner and Travel Zoo. I also use the apps Hitlist, Hopper and read every email I get from Southwest Airlines since they do not participate in aggregate sites.


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What are some of your top travel tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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