Hurricane Irma has destroyed the world’s favorite airport!

As a travel blogger, I have visited every single country on my bucket list. However, there was actually an airport on my list that I’d always been fascinated with and only recently was I finally able to see it in person; the famous beachfront Princess Juliana Airport in St. Martin at Maco Beach.


The reason so many people around the world flock to this special place is because low-flying planes hit the runway directly on the other side of the beach road that attracts thousands of sun worshippers to the island every day.

I was thrilled to finally be able to take my new Go-Pro camera to Maco Beach and shoot videos and photos of the amazing sight of arrivals bringing tourists and residents to this paradise island.

Now, that memory is all I have, because Princess Juliana is all but gone, destroyed by a natural disaster that has Florida as its next destination hit list.

In spite of the fact that this deadly hurricane has wreaked havoc across the Caribbean and is barreling towards the mainland now at speeds of over 150 miles an hour, some residents and perhaps a few tourists have refused to obey the mandatory evacuation and find safe shelter.

What really shocks me, though, is how our president continues to admit that climate change is not “fake news”. But as a travel blogger, some insist that we are not supposed to write about politics.


If you’re trying to plan which country to visit on your next vacation, consider one of the islands hit by the devastating storms last year. Although some are no longer tourist destinations due to the severe loss and destruction, many of the islands are working hard to be able to support the tourism industry once again. Check these blog posts here and here for tips on how to get the best travel deals. Not only will you find cheap flights, you’ll be able to choose destinations which desperately need tourism dollars to become the paradise vacation hot spots they once were.

How the hell can bloggers simply write about travel when our world is transforming rapidly and so dramatically almost daily?

What do you think? Should travel writers and bloggers stick to travel tips and ignore politics? Have you ever been to Princess Juliana Airport? Do you think climate change is real? Let’s start a debate down below.


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