I love checking out various restaurants, but sometimes I wish for a bit more privacy while having dinner with someone special; especially if that’s a new person I’m trying to get to know. It’s hard to be completely comfortable talking and laughing and trying to be alluring and sexy when there are hundreds of strangers seated a few feet away. 

Well, with the trendy new outdoor dining establishments that have popped up everywhere since the pandemic forced us to eat outside, you can have a semi-private place to spend time with your partner and enjoy a delicious meal together. 

There are several restaurants in New York City that offer private dining; check out these igloos, yurts, and tents for semi-scandalous dining in public places where you can lick your fingers and slurp your cocktails without prying eyes drooling over your bad table manners. 

  • This list is only a partial list because I chose the most appealing options that offer a bit of privacy. Places like 230 Fifth Avenue, while they are famous for their lovely rooftop igloos, they are “invisible”, completely see-through, and are not private but shared with strangers, so I’ve left this, and similar igloo spots off this list. 

Below are a few igloos, yurt, and tent dining that are my favorites, or that I am eager to try:

Casa la Femme


Oh, how I am dying to dine at Casa la Femme! 

Of all of the places in NYC where you can find a cool yurt, igloo, or tent to cuddle with your partner in, this is my absolute favorite! I cannot believe I never even know this place existed before because I pride myself on knowing the most romantic, sexy places in NY.

It combines the sensuality of Egypt and Morocco with the delicious, decadent dishes from The Middle East, and the decor of this restaurant looks fabulous. 

There’s a nightly belly dance performance, but you can also retreat into your own tent for just the two of you.

Plus, the prices are surprisingly affordable; they offer a brunch special on weekends for $29. 

I really cannot wait to go here to check it out!

Thai Villa


Thai Villa looks absolutely amazing, and the food photos are as exquisite as the stunning decor that looks as if you’ll be transported to Asia the moment you enter. I love Thai food, but knowing you’ll have a private, curtained space makes this place even more appealing. 

Yurt Garden:


Heated fabulous private yurts at The Standard in the Meatpacking District offer a heated outdoor dining experience in their igloos which are decorated with cozy blankets and twinkling lights.

Veranda Soho


Veranda looks like the perfect choice for foodies who love fine dining. However, this may be one of the pricier, more fancy places on this list so check the menu and be sure to book reservations in advance for this Italian restaurant. 

Yurt dining at The Lodge at Gallow Green in Chelsea: 


The Lodge at Gallow Green is a cozy, rustic-chic restaurant with heated yurts that offer a unique dining experience.

Igloo dining at The Frying Pan in Chelsea: 


The Frying Pan is a popular spot for igloo dining on the Hudson River. Their igloos are equipped with heaters and blankets, making for a comfortable dining experience.

Yurt dining at The Water Tower at The William Vale in Brooklyn: 


The Water Tower at The William Vale offers a unique dining experience in heated yurts, which offer panoramic views of the city. They also have an amazing spa for couples. 

It’s worth noting that the availability of these dining options may vary based on the season and weather conditions, and it may be difficult to make reservations, especially around the holidays. It’s always a good idea to check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm.

Have you ever had a dining experience in an igloo, yurt, or tent? Please share details in the comment section below!

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