With the explosion of competitive flight search engines and the new App Hitlist, travel lovers can easily find great airline fares. Still, they often think travel isn’t in the budget since finding affordable accommodations can be tough, even through AirBnB. But if you’re willing to sleep with strangers you can find dirt cheap, or even free places to stay.

Get your mind out of the gutter; I don’t mean you need to sell your soul or your body for a place to lay your head. But if you’re a travel ho like me, you might be willing to sacrifice the privacy and luxury of a fancy hotel in order to make that vacation happen. Below are a few unusual ideas for couples that could make the difference between a taking a staycation and having your friends on Instagram hate on you as you post amazing pics.




1. Couchsurfing. I know, it’s weird asking a stranger if you can crash at their place. But I’ve been a Couchsurfing host almost since it began, and have hosted hundreds of travelers, and trust me I love it. Especially when I’m not able to take my own trip. I enjoy showing travelers not only the hotspots in guidebooks, my places New Yorkers actually hang out at.

I get to meet new friends from all over the world, play tourist and visit cool places and do things I forget are so fun like riding the Staten Island Ferry. And guests usually buy me lunch or bring me cool gifts like chocolates from Switzerland, and once a girl brought me a DVD she made of her home, community, tourist spots in her town, and the farmer’s market everyone loves. An added benefit is that guests always offer to host me anytime I visit their countries.




And no, I don’t actually sleep with my guests. Not that I’m opposed to it, I just have a small studio apartment so I usually only host women. But if you’re tall, muscular, you look like Boris Kodjoe, and you’re a member of, please send me a request asap.

While Couchsurfing is the most popular, there are several other hospitality sites you should check out.
Global FreeloadersHospitality Club and Stay4Free work in a similar way; you create your profile on the site, including your photo and a bit about you, and check off whether you’re available to be a host or only want to be a guest, and go from there. Check out SERVAS as well. It isn’t free to join SERVAS, but this is the original old skool hospitality club and has been around for years.


2.Hostels. I know, I know…hostels are filled with crazy kids who are loud, drunk and obnoxious.But you’d be surprised at the quality of some hostels.Plus, it’s possible to get some privacy in a hostel because most offer single rooms you can share with your partner.


My ex and I stayed in a huge, stunning room in a high rise hostel in Scotland overlooking the entire city. It was a spectacular view, dirt cheap.and we were able to spend our money on other things like shopping for me, buying special deserts, for me. And visiting castles. For me. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that we’re no longer together…



Many travelers have heard about WOOFING but aren’t sure if it’s their thing. Doing a farm stay means you get to work on a farm and stay for a really low price. Some places are more rustic, but others are quite luxurious, bed and breakfast-like.

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Have you ever had a Couchsurfing or farm stay experience? Any favorite hostel or Couchsurfing experiences?Tell us about it. (ps We’d love to hear about any strangers you’ve slept with as well…)

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