One time, years ago, I was absolutely furious when a man I had a date with canceled 20 minutes AFTER he was supposed to pick me up.

Normally, I wouldn’t be bothered by something like this because I ALWAYS have a “plan B” and will be out the door within a half-hour with whoever “Mr. B” is, and funny enough, it always turns out to be even more fun than the original date would have been.

Ce la vie. A Pair and a Spare dating plan and all that.

But this particular date was special because not only were we going to the annual Cloisters Medieval Faire, an event I look forward to each year because I see fellow costume designers I rarely ever see and marvel at (and get inspired by) their fabulous, clever outfits, but I had created the most amazing matching King & Queen of the Forest Faerie outfits for us!

I had worked on our costumes for more than a month, painstakingly sewing (by hand) and gluing and arranging thousands of jewels and feathers and flowers and sticks and gorgeous little doodads. I had even found him a long, thick, heavy wool, AUTHENTIC, royal purple cape to match mine.

Our outfits were royal and regal and magnificent.

The colors were stunning; dark purple and royal blue. And the headpieces were at least 5 feet tall and wide.

Absolutely exquisite.

Yeah, I’m not so humble about it. I worked my f*ing ass off creating these elaborate costumes and it would be the first time I had made matching outfits to wear with someone, and I’d spent a shitload of money not only on his beautiful king’s robe, but this was the first time I did not hold back and splurged on expensive ostrich feathers, sparkly jewels, and stunning embroidery.

Plus, I live in Brooklyn, and everyone knows I’m not a subway girl, so paying for an Uber was going to be crazy f*ing expensive as well.

So, I sat there for a few minutes, fuming. I put aside my costume, not wanting to wear it now that the “king” wasn’t going to be strutting around at my side, and I did what any damn good costume maker would do;

I made another one.

Yup. I took out every single one of my plastic bins and sequins and fabrics and glue guns, and I started to create a whole other costume.

Normally, it takes me weeks and sometimes months to create something new. And I always make something new. God forbid I wear the same costume twice. 🙂

Within a few hours, I was dressed and ready to go. Alone, but I knew I would see my friends there. And since most of them always show up late in the afternoon anyway, I would be just in time.

While I was preening and posing for photos, I met the most charming man, and we took this photo together.

He was gorgeous. And, I LOVED HIS SHIRT!

I knew that my original date would see my photos on Facebook, and I was thrilled to post this one with my new friend.

I wanted that little shit to see me smiling and laughing and flirting with my new “King”…my new “Daddy”, and I hoped that bastard would be seething with jealousy.

He was.

Yeah, I can be immature and childish and petty. I’m flawed, but damn can I create some costumes.

Anyway, I love this photo.

It reminds me of the joy I felt that my original date never knew that my “Plan B” was not only very sexy, very sweet, and very handsome, but very happily gay!

And I had a ball posing with him and his boyfriend and all my other costume designer friends that day.

My motto?

Plan B, or, always have a backup “boyfriend” when the main one f*cks up. Especially if he’s wearing a scandalous t-shirt that says “Daddy” on it!

Have you ever been stood up, or had an important event that your date canceled? What do you think of having a Plan B, or, A Pair and a Spare when I comes to dating? Comment below!


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