Protect yourself and your private information and data online. Sure, we all know we need to do that, but what exactly does that mean, and what the hell is GDPR?
Recently, there have been some major changes happening around the internet as a result of people’s personal data being misused, and trust has been broken. Luckily, new regulations and laws are being put into place that some may believe only affect those in Europe, but that isn’t exactly true.
As an influencer, I want to make sure I am morally, ethically and legally responsible for maintaining the privacy of my readers and will never share, or misuse their personal information or data or take advantage of their trust in me. Therefore, I am learning about these new regulations and how they affect me, and my readers, and what I can do to help them to feel safe, not only when they visit my site but in general so I wanted to share what I have been learning. 
Most of my readers reside in the US, however, I also have readers from other countries, including Europe where there is a new law that protects citizens. “GDPR” says that websites (businesses, bloggers, social media platforms, etc) need to be compliant with the GDPR. This means they must now be very specific and clear about what information and data of yours they will have and how they will use it.
For example, no longer will people be able to simply hit a button that says, “Subscribe here”. Now, before you subscribe and give your email or any other information, bloggers (and businesses) must ask your permission to send you marketing emails, enter you in giveaways, etcetera. And one change that I love is pre-checked boxes will no longer be allowed. Do you know how many times I assumed I was simply commenting on a website, or clicking on something, or signing up for one thing and did not realize that way down at the bottom, hidden somewhere in tiny font was a little checked off box adding me to a list for some shit I did not want or need!
I have never done that to you because I do not appreciate it. But now, because of GDPR, you will have to be asked specifically for each thing that you will be signed up for.
I admit we bloggers are nervous. This is going to mean a ton of work to make all of these changes and to comply with the new regulations, especially for bloggers with a huge following. But personally, I am happy that there are regulations being put in place to protect all of us. Europe is initiating these changes, but the ripple effect will be felt around the world and it’s only a matter of time before everyone will follow.
I’m doing it now.
Over the next few weeks, before GDPR takes effect on May 25th, I intend to research exactly how I can adhere to all regulations and laws and to comply by being extremely transparent with any readers who choose to subscribe to my newsletter or to receive any communication from me.
I suggest that you look very carefully at the privacy policies of the websites, businesses, and blogs that you are subscribed to and make sure that they are in compliance with these new laws.  Even those who are not legally required to comply with the European GDPR regulations should do so. Protect yourself and your private information and data online by making sure people you give your email or other information to are being completely transparent with you.
My main goal when I do send emails is to give the latest hot tips like crazy flight sales where you can get dirt cheap flights or giveaways where I’m giving away prizes. One of the other benefits is that I will share some of my super private, personal (and most likely, highly inappropriate) blog posts with VIP members before anyone else does. (and in many cases, these will be stories/ posts that I don’t publish on the website because you know, there are some stories my mom just doesn’t need to read about)! In the future when I am doing any giveaways or holding contests or doing any marketing to sell e-books or courses, etcetera, I will be very clear about exactly what I am doing. All bloggers you subscribe to should do this so that you can trust them and continue to protect yourself and your private information and data online without worrying. 
I hope my readers realize that I take their personal, private information and date very seriously (in the same way that I want my own personal information protected!) which is why I am taking the time to learn all of the new (complicated!) European regulations even though I am not (yet) required by law to do so.
Some of the changes I will make include changing my privacy policy, as well as updating my opt-in subscribers’ form. I will also conduct an annual internal audit of my documentation, newsletter, site design, and processes.
Anyway, sometimes legalese can be a bit boring, but I am making these changes to help to protect you while continuing to be able to provide you with the best content.
I truly appreciate that you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to read my blog when there are millions out there, and I will be working my ass off to bring you the best tips, tricks, and stories about travel, romance, sex, love and dating around the globe!
* If you are a blogger (or would like to become a digital nomad) or anyone who has a subscriber email list online, take a look at this fantastic article that outlines exactly what GDPR is and how you are affected, and what changes you will need to make (now, or eventually) so that you can protect yourself and your private information and data online. If you would like to be interviewed about this topic (or any topic about travel, romance, etc,) click here!
What do you think of these new regulations? Has your information ever been breached or misused? Do you have other tips on how we can protect ourselves? How do you protect yourself and your private information and data online?
Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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