Sometimes it’s a smell that stops me suddenly, like a spicy curry transporting me back in time to a meal I had with friends in Mumbai many years ago, or a sound that startles me, like the sound of bagpipes that magically remind me of the time I visited the castles of Scotland with the man I would marry three months later. But most often, it’s the vivid shade of red that carries me away from whatever I’m doing by flooding me with memories from journeys I’ve taken around the world.

The bright, candy apple color reminds me of a telephone booth or the double-decker bus that my friends Johan and Tanya and I took to his favorite thrift shops in London. Or the costumes my friends and I wore to various Renaissance Faires when we took road trips to upstate NY and Pennsylvania. And the stunning wedding outfits I’ve seen on couples in India and other countries. And the fresh fruit from juice vendors at Jemma al’ Fna Square in Marrakech.

I long to see my friends and to visit these places again. But until I do, I have the vibrant shades of red to remind me of the magical times we shared together.

Below is a gallery of a few of my favorite travel photos. I hope the bright, bold hues ignite the passion in you to travel as well.

                                                  These are my red journeys.        


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