I  recently read a review of Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging course where an advanced blogger wrote that she didn’t find the course helpful. I wanted to write a review because I had the complete opposite experience.

I’ve been blogging for a few years as a hobby mostly, and recently decided to get serious about monetizing my site, and learning about things like becoming an affiliate, a brand ambassador, perfecting my blog posts and storytelling, and about things like SEO (search engine optimization).

I agree with the blogger who wrote the review that much of the beginning part of the course can be found for free online and might seem basic for more advanced bloggers.




But as I am now slowly going through the entire course again, I am learning quite a bit about monetizing, SEO, etc., so it isn’t basic at all.

I appreciate that the blogger was honest about only reading through a bit of the course in the beginning and not finishing it before she judged it as basic information.

I’m guessing had she completed all of the lessons, she would probably feel differently.



While you can find pretty much anything you want to learn online, it can be overwhelming, and oftentimes contradictory, so I’m glad to have it all laid out, and I find the later course material (once you get through the basics) on both Superstar and TBS material to be invaluable and much more advanced.

One of the parts of the course I found especially helpful that I have not found in online searches for info is a video with Matt telling not only what has worked for him, but also the things he thought were going to work and how they were mistakes and didn’t make him any money, and how he lost money doing things that I would have assumed would work. He also explained how he was able to fix those mistakes.

I learned at an event once don’t just find people who will tell you what they did to succeed, find people who failed and learn from their mistakes. I appreciated Matt’s honesty about things that just didn’t work for him.

For me, although the cost of the course ($267) is a plane ticket to another country, I feel that it’s money well spent. I do get a lot out of the FB group, but I’m also in the TBS group which I find incredibly valuable.

Also, whether people are beginners or more advanced bloggers, I think Matt’s Travelcon blogging conference is going to be a huge game changer for those of us who are (or aspire to be) full-time digital nomads.

*I am now an affiliate of Superstar Blogging (yay!) but when I wrote this previously, I wanted share my opinion and experience to let readers know how much I’ve loved the course.



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