Recently I got an unexpected call from my sister. After years of wishing that we could take a trip together, my dream came true.
Next month, my sister and I are going on that exact cruise I fantasized about. We’re going to Tortola, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Anguilla. Although I’ve been to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, I’ll get to explore the other islands with her for the first time. I get to show off my expertise as a travel blogger by planning some kick-ass excursions that will make the cruise line’s tours look about as exciting as the Annual Idaho Fishing Competition. I got this.
Normally when people think about romance and travel they imagine a couple going to Sandals, or Riu, or even someplace risque like Hedonism. But I don’t need to be in a relationship to add romance to my life. If you google the definition of love, it reads, “noun 1.a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” I’m going to have an incredibly beautiful, romantic vacation by taking this cruise; not with a partner, but by pampering and loving myself.
I intend to enjoy a few elegant meals overlooking the ocean, watch sunsets as I sip an ice cold glass of lemon water by the deck pool, and take silly pictures reenacting the crazy Titanic poses while flailing my arms up in the air.
We’re going to go snorkeling and see exquisite sea creatures, taste freshly caught fish, go parasailing or zip lining, or perhaps jump off a cliff while screaming our heads off.
Someday, maybe I’ll meet someone either at home or abroad while sailing toward an exotic, steamy hot country. But for now, I create my own romance.
How do you add romance to your life when you’re single?
Have you ever been on a cruise? On a solo adventure?
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