If your dates this summer have been a bit boring, perhaps you should skip the typical drinks and a movie date and hang with some hookers.


I don’t mean you should hire a high-class escort (at least not on your first date), but lately mainstream movies have been a bit dull. If you’re more open minded, perhaps you might be interested in going to a different sort of movie. And no, I’m not talking about seeing a porn flick. (Do movie theaters even show pornos anymore?)


I’m talking about going to a special anniversary screening of the Red Umbrella Diaries, a documentary made by, and about,  current and former sex workers. You can catch this scintillating film, which tells the tales of 7 storytellers who have seen (and done) it all, at the Nitehawk Theater on Thursday, September 28th, at 9:30 pm.


If you’ve ever been curious about what lies hidden (sort of) behind those sparkly, sequined pasties, or what that girl (or boy) next door who now flogs men for money is really thinking, this is your chance to find out. You’ll hear tales that are strange,  heartbreaking, funny, and even bizarre, but all told in a raw, yet honest way.


Stars from the film, as well as participants from the Red Umbrella writing workshop for sex workers, will be there to share their experiences with the audience.


Don’t worry about missing out on beverages; food and drinks will be available for purchase if you get too hot and thirsty from the film.




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