I would not be comfortable telling women that they can travel alone anywhere “safely”, because for women the sad fact is that we do need to be constantly aware of the fact that even if we do absolutely everything “right”, we all know things sometimes do happen.

But there are some things we can do to stay as safe as possible, and to make it more difficult for the f*ckers who try to hurt, harm or f*ck us over.

Most things we can do to stay safer are common sense which you probably already know; don’t walk down a dark alley alone at 3:00 am when you’ve just left a bar and you’re drunk af.

As a long-time traveler, I am always seeking new tips and tricks on how to be less of a target for thieves and scammers. Sometimes it isn’t only the things we do, but items we have that can help us. Unfortunately, bringing carrying weapons or things like mace is not legal in many places. But there are other things we can buy, or everyday items we may already have, that can help us keep our bodies, and our money, safer.

Recently, I hosted a room on Clubhouse (the new social media platform) through the Girls Love Travel club and together we came up with a pretty damn good list of tips I wanted to share with you of essential safety items and accessories that can help you stay safer while traveling alone.

Essential Safety Items and Accessories for Your Trip

Anti-theft purse, with slash-proof body fabric and straps and locking zippers

Portable door alarm

Have a portable mobile WiFi hotspot

Carry a cheap rubber door stop

Safety travel attire

Yoga pants with pockets

Pocket bras

Portable safes

Pacsmart cage to protect your carryon bag from thieves

Hair Brush safe stash

Hide emergency money in empty Chapstick or Tampon containers

Anti theft attire/ pickpocket proof clothes including tank tops, leggings, boy shorts & pocket bras

Security belt

Head lamp

Vigilant personal alarm

Safety whistle

Anti theft back pack

Emergency apps

Neck wallets

Fanny packs money belts

Speakeasy hidden pocket money scarves

Divine eagle spy camera usb charger

Insurance with Covid 19 protection

First aid travel kit

Emergency safety bracelet

Luggage trackers

Water bottle with filter

American Red Cross safety app 14 different types of emergencies including heart attack and stroke

Sip chip is 99.3% accurate, and within 30 seconds to let you know if your drink has been spiked

Invisiwear jewelry with secret 911 code you can simply touch for help

Zip ties on luggage

Rent local phones

Buy a local SIM card

Cross body bag double strap

Anti theft wire Packing cubes

Waterproof bags and backpacks for swimming

Alarms and stakes in sand

Cable lock

Carry extra padlocks

Take extra medicine Ras approved

Self defense course

Self defense key chain

Water and slash proof bags

Sky roam hot spots

What are some of the devices and gear you own that helps you to stay a bit safer when navigating the world? Please share your tips with us below!

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