Wedding Photos From Around the World


You know I’m a romantic. (Okay, a love and sex addict, but the word romantic sounds sweeter.)

I’ve been lucky to have been invited to engagement parties and weddings in quite a few countries.

I love the music, the food, the ceremony and pomp and circumstance of it all, but I especially love the fashion.

Whether the event is a casual affair at a beach,  or a more elaborate five-day event in India, or the celebration I recently attended in Morocco where the bride changed five or six times, and each outfit was more stunning than the rest, I absolutely love weddings and seeing how the bride and groom, their attendants, and their guests dress up.

Y’all know I’m open to giving someone a green card if it means I’ll be able to strut around in super glamourous blinged out gowns and end up with a new wardrobe, right? Just sayin’. 

I’ve created a gallery here for you to enjoy, and perhaps get inspired by.

*By the way, our featured photo above is from Cine Bruno Morris from a Sri Lankan friend’s wedding he and his lovely lady attended. They have recently made the brave decision to travel around the world as digital nomads. To follow them on their journey, check them out here.

I hope you enjoy these photos from weddings around the world as much as I do.

If you’d like to share wedding photos from your, (or your friends’) weddings, let us know!

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