Yup, I said it; balls. Lots of balls.

So if you’re a little freaky-deaky and you like golf (and balls), I’ve got two surprises for you.

First, I found a place for golf nudists to play. Yup, believe it or not, there are a few naturist resorts for golfers who want to play with their balls while butt naked.

If you love swinging your big, bad club around and showing off your balls in the buff, you should definitely check out these hot spots (only be sure to bring extra sunscreen).

Humpty Doo Golf Club, Australia

The first unique golf course for naked balls is located in northern Australia at the ‘Wandering Bears Nude Golf Day’ an event hosted at Humpty Doo Golf Club. This annual event is organized by 69-year-old “nude nomad” Bruce Jensen and his wife Julie, who run the “BruJul Nudist Retreat.

This event has gotten rave reviews, especially from people who have been attending for the past five years since it began, allowing naturists the freedom from clothing and restrictions which keep them from focusing on more important things than designer labels; their balls.

Wairau Valley, New Zealand

Apparently nude golf is quite popular now, because the Wairau Valley Golf Course in Wairau Valley, New Zealand has also attracted quite a crowd at their Nude Golf International tournament at the town’s nine-hole course. Tourists who sneered at paying extra baggage fees on flights from Australia, Europe, and around New Zealand came to compete and to be impressed by ball-bashers as well as those slinging their impressive clubs around.

The nearby Wai-natur Naturist Park helps to organize the event, and offers camping and accommodations on their five acres of beautiful gardens and woods. Amenities include a pretty decent heated swimming pool, spa, sauna and all the typical amenities of a camping ground, but with a lovely twist. since it was so well received you just might be able to partake if this becomes an annual event, so check their website for more info.

La Jenny Naturist Course, France

While most naturist resorts and events are clothing optional, its “nudes, not prudes” at this fancy French golf course where clothes are not optional; they’re banned, at least for those actually strolling across the lawn. If you wanna’ play, you gotta’ pay; not only the admission fee, but by stripping down to your birthday suit.

La Jenny Naturist Course is located in Western France and is the only golf course in the world where nudity is mandatory. No wimpy-skimpy sight-seers allowed to come and stare unless they’re brave enough to be in the buff.

Cypress Cove Resort, Florida

There are plenty of naturist resorts and gated communities to choose from in Florida, but if you want to play with naked balls, (or play with balls naked), head to Cypress Cove.

Golfing here is for guests only at Cypress Cove, but you’ll love this resort. Clubs, tees and balls are provided for players who don’t have their own equipment. All skill levels are welcome, even if you’ve never golfed before, so its a great game for novices who want to practice being “swingers” and are ready to move those hips around.

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So, where are you going on your next vacation, and will you forget the packing and bypass the bikini for a vacay in the buff?

Let us know in the comments below; where’s your favorite place to place golf or run around nekkid?

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