by April Hope

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims around the world, so it drives me crazy to see such blatant disrespect by tourists who wear the craziest things when visiting. Multiple sightings of women wearing short shorts and sheer dresses with no underwear this month have inspired me to write this article about what NOT to wear during Ramadan (or anytime) in Morocco.

Yes, I know there’s a double standard when it comes to men and women and clothing. I agree that its sexist, and that there’s a Madonna/ whore syndrome, and I know that there’s a huge amount of controversy about women who wear the hijab, etcetera.

This isn’t a debate about those things.

This is simple a guide for women who want to feel free to be themselves, but at the same time want to respect the people and culture of the country they’re guests in by dressing as appropriately as possible.

When I decided to come to Morocco the first time, there were two pressing questions I had; was it safe, and what should I wear.

Rather than to give you a long blog post about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” wear, I gathered some photos to help you make the best choices for you. Bottom line; you can wear whatever you want. But there’s no reason you can’t be cute and considerate. Give the poor boys a break, at least during the holy time of Ramadan.

Take a guess whether or not this is appropriate during Ramadan. Heffa, no.

First, if you’re interested in finding out more about what Ramadan is, click here. Basically, it’s a holy month filled with tradition and religion and beauty and love and sharing and I could go on and on, but let me simply say it’s a time when Muslims remember to focus on God (Allah) by fasting during the day until sundown (around 7:30 pm currently in Morocco) and avoiding all food, drinks, smoking, sex and impure thoughts.

While Moroccan Muslims are required by Sharia law to obey the fasting hours, (and breaking the fast could mean actual jail time), visitors and non-Muslims are free to do as they like.

But it doesn’t mean its fine to flaunt your freedom to eat, drink, dress and be merry in front of people who, either by choice, or are forced, to abstain. So, have a heart chickees, and try to cover those luscious boobies and butt cheeks (at least during your vacation).

Seriously, would you walk into a mosque or a church in front of a priest with your short shorts on, or with a Paris Hilton or Kim K super low-cut plunging glitter dress?

These guys are already sex crazed. I’m not saying they’re saints. Some Moroccan men can be some bad boys, and yeah, they often sexually harass, catcall, and hook up whenever possible (even though it’s illegal for a Moroccan to have sex without being married).

Yup. It can be done though, sis, so stay tuned for tips on how to get “romantic” if (when) you find a FINE Moroccan man you want some Netflix and Chill time with.

For now, let me show you some outfits I found super cute, but just not appropriate for Morocco, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Okay, if I looked like this, I’d wear whatever the f I wanted to. Sheet, I’d probably walk down the street in a tiny thong bikini every day. And yes, plenty of people wear bathing suits in Morocco. Locals tend to ignore tourists and expect them to do what they want. So in more progressive places like Essaouira, (an amazing beach town that you can read more about here) Agadir, and small surfing villages like Taghazout, there will be people wearing skimpy thing bikinis. But really, save it for San Tropez.

I know that wearing really short shorts and low cut tops and mini skirts is normal for Westerners. But jeans are normal, too. Do you really have a pressing need to show your ass all the time? Pack these for The Hamptons, not Marrakech.

What NOT to Wear

In the gallery below I’ve chosen some super cute dresses that I would love to wear on a trip to Jamaica, St. Thomas or on a cruise. And I would definitely wear any of these outfits in NYC. But not necessarily for Morocco during Ramadan, at least without some adjustments.

Mind you, no one will say anything to you if you did wear one of these outfits. But not only might you feel uncomfortable with the stares (and you will get catcalls), you’ll also be tempting local men if your dress is too short, low-cut or too revealing. Have a heart, ladies. Go easy on the boys. They’re already drooling over girls they think will give them sex, money or a green card. Don’t torture them any more than necessary.

I’m not saying you need to wear a hijab or turtleneck; it’s damn hot during Ramadan, especially in Marrakech away from the beaches. But longer sundresses are perfect. And if you love your sleeveless dress, you can always wear a sheer lace top or throw a scarf over your shoulders.

Also, remember to double check that your dress isn’t completely transparent. I’ve seen EVERYTHING through some women’s dresses here, including women who shun thongs, preferring instead to let it breathe under fabric that is barely more than a whisper. Girl, come on. Trust and believe that you WILL have a harem of men flocking to you even without the pum pum on display.

So what DO you wear?

Check out some of these cute outfits below. Jeans and a cute t-shirt are fine, or a pretty dress or capris. I threw in a few photos of Muslim women so you can see what they might wear, but just use your judgment and pretend you’re going to church or to meet a guys parents or you’re going to a fun, casual event where you want to look pretty, but not slutty.

By the way; I carry a scarf with me everywhere in Morocco. Recently I was wearing a cute hat but through a scarf in my bag at the last minute, and I was so glad I did. I was on a bus, and unexpectedly, the bus stopped suddenly so that anyone could get off the bus to break the fast at a mosque where there was an amazing, delicious, and FREE meal for everyone! I was so glad I had my scarf to throw over my shoulders, even though my outfit wasn’t really scandalous. I just felt like I fit in a bit more. I had the most lovely meal with a group of women I’d never met.

Ps, I LOVE dressing scandalously, believe me. I once had a boyfriend tell me, “Girl, hookers would be embarrassed to wear the clothes you wear!”

He wasn’t being an asshole; he was right! But, there’s a time and a place for everything. So check these out;

What TO Wear

One more thing; wear comfortable shoes! You’ll walk ALOT in Morocco. I bring heels because there are a few places you can rock some sexy shoes, but mostly during the day you’ll want to wear some flats, sandals, or sneakers. Oh, and bring some nice shades.

Click here for more tips and pics on what to wear in Morocco.

More Tips

Do you have any tips for what to wear during Ramadan, or anytime while visiting Morocco? Or do you just say f-it and wear what you want when traveling? Comment below!

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This article was written by April Hope.

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Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a great way to show your support. Thank you!

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