There have been tons of articles written on why you should wear a mask to help prevent the spread of Corona/ Covid 19. But do you know that wearing a mask is sexy?

It’s true.

I love writing about scandalous topics.

Dating, romance, sex, and especially love are things I could write about endlessly, and in fact, I sometimes find myself typing at 3 o’clock in the morning, absolutely exhausted and falling asleep in the middle of a sentence.

The journey to find love no matter where in the world that may take you is thrilling for me to write about.

But I also write about how solo female travelers can stay safe as they travel around the world, usually alone, as they meet amazing men. And safety is not a topic we normally think of as sexy.

But wearing a mask during this coronavirus pandemic is sexy. Let me explain.

I have made plenty of mistakes, sometimes even dangerous and almost fatal ones, and I have met many women whose decisions while traveling have put them in danger as well. So my main purpose and mission for Love Lust or Bust is to help women stay safe while seeking and finding love.

And right now, is one of the biggest threats to our safety in the world today is Covid 19. And one of the most important things we as travelers, and as humans, need to be doing to protect ourselves and to help to keep those in our communities as safe as possible is to wear our masks.

But how can we look at wearing masks as a sexy act?

Well, I have written extensively on the subject of safety and solo female travelers; how to stay safe physically, sexually, financially, and emotionally.

But until now, I have neglected to write about the importance of wearing masks during this global crisis and Coronavirus pandemic. I regret that.

At the same time, I have posted photos of myself looking like the poster child for BDSM in a very scandalous looking, black lace mask that not only looks ineffective and completely useless, does not offer protection for myself or others.

That was incredibly irresponsible of me. So to fix that, I wanted to write about the importance of wearing masks to stay safe. I just wanted to do it in a different way.

I love my mask. I love looking sexy. I love black lace, in fact, I love any type of vintage lace.

But much of the time, particularly when I am in a crowded place like Djemma al Fna Square, or at a crowded cafe, I wear a second, more “normal” basic mask underneath my lace mask.

The problem is I rarely take photos with the regular mask, so I wanted to fix that and not only show you photos, but to take a few minutes to talk about masks and safety; why you should wear one, and how it helps us all.

And why I think wearing masks is sexy.

I wouldn’t ever advise my readers to go bareback with a partner you aren’t in a committed, monogamous relationship with, or to poke wholes in a damn Trojan, so I should not have given the impression that its okay to walk around in a lace mask without full protection; for yourself and for the safety of others. And taking care of those you love (even just a little) is sexy.

Below are a few reasons wearing a mask is sexy.

Protecting Yourself is Sexy

This is common sense. We know the deal; don’t leave your drink unattended at the bar, don’t go home with a stranger unless you let someone else know exactly who you’re with and when you’ll be back, and use a damn rubber.

All measures taken not to guarantee safety, but to be as safe as possible. And protecting yourself is damn sexy.

It’s Mysterious

Seriously, the eyes are the sexiest part of a person’s body. I mean, have you ever seen a woman’s eyelashes fluttering while being framed by a hijab or niqab or jet black burka? Super seductive! Maybe not intentionally, but the mystery is incredibly erotic.

Let’s face it; men want what they can’t have. So when you hide all of the dips and curves and take away a man’s desire to be visually stimulated by hips and breasts and big ole’ butts, they go crazy. The mystery and allure is ultra-sexy.

It’s Social Responsable

Masks protect other people. You may be contagious and have no symptoms. Just like the motherf*cker who hates wearing condoms and convinces you that he’s “clean” and that you should “trust him” only to find out he gave you chlamydia, you need to wear your mask.

The virus can be transmitted before you have any symptoms (pre-symptomatic) at all, as well as by people who never develop symptoms (asymptomatic), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even if you feel healthy. Masks are one of the easiest ways to help prevent unknowingly spreading the virus to others.

Protecting others you care about, as well as making sure you don’t harm strangers, is your social responsibility, and being a considerate, kind, loving person is extremely sexy.

Keeping the Damn Cafes Open is Sexy to Me

This one is for you, boys.

I love you dearly, my magnificent, magnetic hypnotically, seductive, oozing with masculinity irresistibly sexy, Moroccan men, but you’re f*cking up my opportunity to sit and drool and stare at you as you sit and play “Moroccan tennis” when you refuse to wear your masks.

For those of you who have yet to visit this wonderful country, “Moroccan tennis” is what it’s jokingly referred to as Moroccan men sit for hours in cafes with their heads rapidly moving from left to right and back again as they watch women’s asses sashaying past them.

Now, I don’t mind watching you as you drool and catcall other women; if they can ignore your sexism, so can I… as long as you are wearing your mask to protect yourself, the cafe workers, and those of us you are objectifying.

While I don’t find objectifying women sexy in any way, it’s okay for me to objectify you. So we need to keep the cafes open.

I pass hundreds, thousands of cafes in Marrakech every day, and I am horrified to see that you are not only ignoring the pleading requests from the government officials for us to keep tables a safe enough distance apart, but the overcrowding, the sharing of food from community bowls of cous cous, and most especially, the refusal many of you to wear masks (patrons and cafe employees) is hurting this magnificent country by spreading the virus rapidly and at an alarming rate.

Boys, we all know you love your cafes. I love your cafes. And you know how much I love Morocco in general. So do you really want to see the government close cafes (and other businesses) once again?

The government is debating now about whether to put us all on full lockdown as we were in March/ April. Recently, they have demanded that cafes close earlier. Morocco cannot survive another full lockdown, as so many cafes and other businesses have already been forced to shut down permanently.

I owned a cafe many years ago, and was forced to close down because of 9/11 because one month of less customers meant I could not afford to remain open. If you think the last 5 months were difficult, imagine the devastating effect a return to a complete lockdown would have on the economy.

If you really love your cafes as much as you appear to, stop this shit. It will not kill you to protect yourself, your community, your country, and your beloved cafes by doing this small, simple act;

Wear your damn mask!

Please. For me.

Helping the Economy Heal is Sexy

The world is suffering right now, and our healing needs to happen in many ways. Recovering financially from this world pandemic is only one way we need to survive, but even the small act of wearing a mask can help.

If everyone behaves responsibly and wears face masks, that could significantly slow the growth rate of virus cases. And less cases means we can lessen the need for business closures, especially for small mom and pop businesses and cafes and restaurants that desperately need your help to be able to remain open and not have to endure a full lockdown again.

The quickest way to heal our economy is to control the virus, and that’s hot.

It’s Easy, and Everybody Knows Easy is Sexy

Get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t mean easy, easy. I mean smooth and easy.

Sure, it can be annoying and not as easy to breathe through some of the masks made from heavier materials and fabrics, but its a helluvalot easier to breathe than when you’re dead. Just saying.

The combination of sanitizing, handwashing, physical distancing and mask wearing are a few of the simple, easy, and cheap ways we can all work together to try to stop this.

It’s really not that hard, mofo. Be easy.

Being a Badass is Super Sexy

Be seen as a leader in the community. Set a great example for others. Empower younger teens and girls by reminding them of how cool it is to keep yourself, and others, safe. Take care of others and show them how it’s done by being a warrior woman.

We women often put aside our boundaries in order to serve and please men.

That’s bullshit.

We need to stick to our beliefs and boundaries by setting an example that shows we have a strong sense of self-esteem and feel powerful by keeping ourselves safe.

And there ain’t nothing sexier than being a badass others can look up to.

Thanking Essential Workers is Sexy

Show essential workers how much we appreciate them and the risks they have taken daily by continuing to go to work. Essential workers make sure we eat, stay healthy, and stay safe by going to work each day to provide the services we rely upon. Thank them by protecting their health by covering your face. Being grateful and considerate is sexy.

Not Touching Your Face is Sexy Now

Sure, caressing your own face, absentmindedly resting a finger on your pursed lips and twirling a strand of hair used to be super sexy. But today, avoiding touching your face is the way to turn somebody on.

I never knew how much I touch my face until we were advised not to. But damn, I forget. All the time, half the time without even realizing it.

Wearing a mask in public helps me to remember to stop touching my nose and mouth, which is one of the main ways COVID-19 has spread so fast.

Wearing our masks helps us to avoid touching our faces, and along with constant sanitizing, proper hand washing, basic hygiene protocols in general, and by washing our hands before and after putting on our masks, we are taking an extra step to prevent the spread of corona. It’s soooo sexy.

Saving Money is Sexy

Saving money is sexy; especially now when so many people are struggling.

Save on lipstick. Save on upper lip waxing. Save lives.

Saving money is hot.

Creativity is Sexy

So maybe you don’t want to wear a mask that reminds people of a sexy, black lace thong (although it does serve as a conversation starter for horny men).

But there are many ways to express yourself and your creativity by choosing really cool, funky masks. Wear masks in vivid, bold colors, with funky patters or designs like something with flowers. Choose one with the Moroccan flag, or the symbol for Rastafarians, or one with cute, painted smiles.

I have a Facebook friend who is amazing with costume design and she created the most beautiful bejeweled mask.

Or, if you’re a freaky-deaky like me, you can wear a lacy, black, BDSM inspired mask, but remember to be responsible and wear a protective, proper mask underneath.

Or…you could wear a gas mask. Freak.

Not Going Bareback at an Orgy is Sexy

Haha, no, I am not going to try to convince you to partake in an orgy. It’s just an example, silly girls. But roll with me here; it’s a good one.

When I was a kid, we worried about one thing when it came to sex; pregnancy.

Sure, we joked about getting crabs, and snickered about men who got herpes or syphillis, but there was no such thing as HIV or AIDS.

Wearing condoms was more of an individual choice, and if you f*cked up, you paid the consequences.

But HIV/ AIDS changed everything, and it became a social responsibility to protect yourself and others by wearing condoms, getting health checkups and getting tested regularly. We quickly sobered up when we learned that we could infect, and actually be the cause of another person’s death if we acted irresponsibly.

By not wearing masks, by not wearing a proper mask properly, it’s the same as walking around screwing random people at an orgy wiithout using a rubber.

Wear your damn mask. It’s sexy!

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