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Love Lust or Bust is a global community where those who love to travel, and travel for love can share stories of adventure, romance and catfish confessions.
You can read funny, strange, crazy blog posts from the founder of Love, Lust or Bust, April Hope, as well as stories, experiences, and advice from travelers (single and from couples) who have met, dated, and have fallen in love while exploring the world.
To find out more about April Hope or to read about her adventures as a single, solo traveler, click here and here!
Love Lust or Bust is filled with travel tips, advice on maintaining a long distance relationship, communication, great date ideas, and wedding traditions and cultures around the world.
You will also find scandalous details about shocking catfish stories. The term “catfish” was coined by the popular MTV reality show “Catfish” which documents the experiences of people who have fallen in love online only to find out that their “true love” is often a complete hoax.
If you’re at the point where you’re ready to relocate for love, check out our articles and blogs from ex-pats who have moved abroad after finding their soul-mates in the most unlikely places. Long distance relationships are challenging. But when you finally meet “the one,” the miles can be conquered if you love to travel and are willing to travel for love.
Begin your journey with Love, Lust or Bust and make sure you submit your story to us. Whether you’re a novice writer eager to become a professional, an experienced blogger, or just enjoy being a member of a community of like-minded adventurers filled with wanderlust, passion and a deep love for travel, join us.
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If you’re shy, or too embarrassed to admit that the sexy, blond bombshell from Belize you had a risque chat with turned out to be a balding accountant named Bert, share the details with us anonymously. We welcome your comments, suggestions and advice, and we’d love to hear your stories.
What’s your craziest travel story? Share your comments below.
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