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We could have said “Submit Your Story”, but “Submit to Us” just sounds so much sexier!

Anyway perverts and fellow writers, (okay, okay, fellow perverts) welcome to our dungeon. We’re so glad you want to join us.
Here are some guidelines and tips to get you started.
We would love to hear your story! Love, Lust or Bust is a global travel community where people who love to travel and travel for love can share stories of adventure, romance, passion and catfish confessions. (Read below for more information on what “catfish” means in the online dating world.)
We accept destination articles, travel tips, and dating advice as well as stories about traveling as a couple and how to keep a long distance relationship alive.
Please proofread for spelling and grammatical errors (since obviously, we suck at that) and include pictures with every piece.
Give photo credit when applicable, but only use photos from others if you have permission from the authors to use their images!
Please also include your name and let us know you prefer to be published under a non de plume/ pen name, or “Anonymous”. Make sure you give us your blog URL if you have one, and include brief author bio. Include a link to your site.

Media Guidelines

Photos: Please make sure you have permission to post a picture of anyone in your photo! Otherwise, please be sure their face is not visible. Choose hi-resolution photos (800px width). Please include at least one that includes you. Please submit your own photos, and if you do use someone else’s photos, be sure you have permission and give credit when appropriate. Videos: Please include the link to any videos within the body of the story/ article. (Sorry to keep stressing this, but we believe in always giving creatives their due respect…plus we are broke mofo’s & can’t afford to be sued.)
Stories and articles will be checked for spelling and grammar but it really helps if you do this first.
If accepted, your story or article will be published within two weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at travelriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

(We hate spam, too, so you know the deal.)

Long Distance Love Guidelines

Stories should be less than 1,000 words. If you’re able to break your piece into three 300 word articles rather than one long piece, that’s even better.
Readers online tend to have a short attention span.
Please answer/ all of the questions below that apply.
If you’re writing about a long distance relationship, how long have you been/ were you together?
How did you meet?
What is/was the biggest challenge about being apart from your lover?
Has the distance affected your relationship? In what ways?
How have you or did you managed to continue being together?
What tips or advice do you have for others in a long distance relationship?

Catfish Story Guidelines

Stories should be less than 1,000 words. Please answer/ all of the questions below that apply.
The term “Catfish” became popular after a documentary of the same name told the story about Nev, a young filmmaker, and how he found out that the beautiful, young blond girl he’d fallen in love with online turned out to be a much older, more…”voluptuous”, middle-aged, married woman. After his film came out, thousands of people contacted him for help, explaining that they were in love with people from online they never met and needed his help.
As a result, MTV hired him and his brother Max to film a reality series where each week they research, investigate and confront the online lover, who almost always turns out to be a “catfish”. The name of the show? You guessed it; Catfish.
If you want to share a “catfish” story where you were tricked, scammed, or fooled by an online lover, please tell us how it happened.
How did you meet, did you ever meet in person, and did you or the other person travel for the first meeting (from/ to where)?
Did the person look the way you expected them too?
How long did your relationship last?
What were some of the reasons/ excuses your partner gave initially for not being able to meet?
Did you investigate or do a background check? Google them? What did you find out?
Did their story not add up or make sense?
What did your friends or family say? How did they react?
What tips or advice do you have for others in an online relationship?
Thank you for sharing your stories with us, and good luck with your writing endeavors and travels!

Article Guidelines

We love articles that include travel tips, stories about couples who travel together (successfully or not!), interviews with other travelers or bloggers, and dating advice. Below are the guidelines for submitting an article:
Articles should be less than 1,000 words.
Please answer any/ all questions below that apply.
Articles similar to “10 Travel Tips”, “8 Reasons I’ll Never Visit _ Again” and “Why We Broke Up After Backpacking Bora Bora Together” are especially appealing to us. Blog readers have short attention spans!
What was the best/ worst part of your trip? What do you wish you knew before you went? What tips do you have for other travelers?
How can your travel tips help couples or those in long distance relationships? Any advice for single travelers seeking love?
Tell us about you. Give details and little-known facts about your trip. What things did you and your partner disagree about? What’s in a Maharaja Mac at the McDonald’s in Mumbai, India? What inspired you to visit your destination? Be specific.
Include personal anecdotes, tips, advice, and useful information. 
People tend to emphasize the visual when telling a story; try to include the smells, sounds, language and texture of your experience. Include links wherever possible, including links to other articles/ stories you have written that relate to the one you’re submitting to us. Especially include links to hostels, hotels, tourist spots, etcetera. 
We look forward to reading your stories and articles! Please double check spelling/ grammar and make sure you have included a link to your site and your author bio/ contact info. 

What ideas do you have for an article or story? Let us know!

If you are looking for Guest Bloggers for your site and/or to collaborate on a project, please contact us at travelriter (at) gmail (dot)com.

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