If You are Seeking a Potential Relationship With Me

If you are seeking a strictly professional relationship and to do business, please ignore this section.

I understand that most of you are serious about doing business, but there have been people in the past who were interested in me romantically or seeking fun.

If you are seeking:

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Green card
  • Nude photos
  • A romantic relationship

I understand that because of the topics of my Love Lust or Bust website, people may be confused.

I get that.

However, I write about romance and dating and sex and travel because many people seem to love these topics, and many of the articles that are not about romance but about sex/ dating are not written by me but are contributed by guest bloggers and my readers.

These exciting articles and photos have helped to make my website extremely popular, and I do attract a large number of followers.

This is the nature of the business.

In fact, these articles attract many people to my website, and this can help them to learn about your business.

However, because I (and my guest writers and bloggers who contribute to this website) write about sex and funny topics, it does not mean I (or they) are seeking sex with strangers.

I find sex and love sacred and beautiful and private.

I will not lie and pretend to be married.

But I am absolutely not in any way looking to have a romantic relationship with anyone at this time. No matter how young, how handsome or how charming you are.

I am ONLY here to do business. I am extremely professional and hard-working and expect to be respected, as you would want your sister, mother, or daughter to be.

It is hurtful to me to receive dirty pictures or videos about sex or of a man’s naked penis. I get harassed almost daily and get asked questions about sex and my age and it is extremely frustrating.

So while I am flattered when men find me attractive or are looking for a romantic relationship with me, I am not interested at this time.

If You are Serious About Collaborating

So for men who are professional and send me messages about business, I appreciate that you have approached me with respect.

I will work harder than anyone you have ever met to try to promote your business.

I usually wake up at 5 am to pray and meditate, and often work from 7 am until midnight.

I LOVE what I do.

Final Thoughts & How to Contact Me

* I do not discuss business through Facebook messages or WhatsApp until we have firmly discussed working together through email (wanderlustytours (at) gmail dot com) and I know that you are serious about business.

  • Please fill out this form if you have a tour company or hotel, and answer the questions, and someone will reply to you as soon as possible.

If there is anything else you would like from me to help you promote your business, product, or tour company, please let me know! I will do my absolute best to provide it for you.

I work extremely hard to establish relationships with people I collaborate with, and who are my followers. My hope is that the people I work with consider me as not just a business partner in a sense, but more than a friend; like family.

I will work harder than you can imagine helping you to become as successful as possible.

Together, we will offer our clients not only the most unforgettable experiences, but they will become a part of our family forever!

My motto that I live by is to under-promise and to over-deliver.

It is my mission to be sure that every single person I work with goes away thinking that they received much, much more than they have given, and are incredibly happy to have been able to work together.

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