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April Hope began her traveling adventures in 1984 when she took her first trip to Montreal for Spring Break. Although she and her classmates traveled from their college in Boston on two busses, squeezing 4-6 people in each hotel room to save money, no one in the group had any idea where to go or what to do once they arrived.

While many of their classmates had gone South to Florida and the Caribbean to enjoy their semester break, the Montreal trip was much cheaper. But it was damn cold north of the border. There were plenty of events and activities planned for the beach goers, but the Canada travelers had been left on their own.

Not wanting to be stuck in a cramped hotel room, April quickly organized sightseeing outings and shopping excursions. She found a bunch of fun winter activities and events like ice skating and drum circles. She scouted out the best nightclubs. She was named the official tour guide for the week.

When they returned to school, the beach goers had to agree that while they had simply been given an endless amount of keg parties, the Montreal group had an amazing time sightseeing, exploring the city, and going to parties.

Over the next few years, April organized many weekend trips and spring break adventures not only for her classmates but for students all over the city.

After college, April went on her first solo trip to London when a boyfriend (who had borrowed $500 for his flight) cashed in his ticket at the last minute. She didn’t mind- she met a new guy on her first night there. After a whirlwind long distance romance, they had a fairytale wedding and reception behind Buckingham Palace in Hyde Park.

After visiting Scotland, Spain, Nigeria, and a few other places April and her husband bought a home in suburbia. They had car payments, a mortgage and a business to run, so she tucked her dreams of travel and adventure away for “someday” in the future, feeling as if a part of her soul had died.

Years later after they divorced, April moved to NYC, got a degree in writing and began exploring the world. Newly single, she began dating people she met in AOL chatrooms and travel groups.

Twenty years ago, online dating, Lonely Hearts newspaper ads, and telephone chat lines were mocked by most people. However, April loved meeting people she normally would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. She has plenty of fantastic, funny, sweet stories about her adventures while pursuing love, including some crazy catfish stories!  You can read about her escapades, along with stories from our guest bloggersc here and here!

On this website you will find dating advice, travel tips and inspiration. You will also read about how couples manage to maintain long distance love, and plan trips together, as well as read juicy and sometimes hysterical stories about “catfish” confessions where meeting a potential lover turns out to be very different from the fantasy. You can learn how to save money for and during a trip, but also read about luxurious places and things to do when you’re looking to splurge for an extra special, romantic experience.

If you fall in love with our community and want to join us, we accept guest posts from aspiring writers and love to help promote other bloggers. We are also seeking people to help us with techie stuff, social media, and marketing, so if you have suggestions, skills, or just a passion for romance and travel let us know.

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