At a time when so many people are using online dating apps & sites to meet potential soulmates, a blog that tells women how to stay safe when hooking up, having fun, and falling in love while having foreign flings is super hot.

Based on the engagement and shares by loyal fans, the amount of Love Lust or Bust readers is rising rapidly; even during the coronavirus pandemic and world lockdown which has halted travel indefinitely.

Love Lust or Bust has a rapidly growing following of readers who are loyal fans from around the world who are dedicated and excited to read, & share her posts. They trust April’s suggestions and eagerly ask for her advice on where to go, what to do, and what to buy.

Because of this, April is incredibly committed to only partnering with brands her followers can benefit from & takes brand partnerships & destination promotion very seriously.

It’s not the traffic itself that matters. It’s the influence & relationship that April has with her readers that really maximizes your ROI.

With the passion and excitement April shares with her readers about your destination, product or company, you will soon see her readers become your loyal customers.


Who We Are

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What is Love Lust or Bust?

Love Lust or Bust is an online magazine focusing on romance & travel…with a bit of scandal.

Love Lust or Bust- Mission

Love Lust or Bust focuses on helping solo female travelers hang out, have fun, hook up, and fall in love while staying safe.

Love Lust or Bust is a global community founded on three simple principles:

  • to encourage solo female travelers to embrace their sexuality and to combine love and wanderlust
  • to help those who are seeking or who have found love stay safe while abroad
  • to offer the most helpful travel tips and relationship advice on a free platform
  • to connect and share romantic & sexy stories
  • to be free of judgment and to support all women’s romantic and sexual choices, regardless of sexual preference, gender, orientation, and/or amount of sexual and romantic activities and partners 

Love Lust or Bust stories and articles educate, inform and entertain, but our mission is to have a platform for travel industry insiders who believe that love conquers all, even when the ultimate challenge is to create and maintain a lasting, loving relationship across thousands of miles.

Why We’re Here 

Love Lust or Bust readers do have fun (a hella’ lotta’ fun) while traveling the world. But many are seeking a loving, long-term relationship. Even the ones who are not seeking a committment sometimes unexpectedly find their nomadic soul mates while abroad. We help them stay safe and to avoid the potential to be harmed physically, sexually, financially, and emotionally. 

We help those travelers who want to have fun, but when they do find love, how to navigate the cultural differences to be able to develop and maintain a long distance relationship. 

With the recent huge increase in online dating and relationships, particularly with the extraordinary increase in digital nomads and remote workers, many people are in long distance relationships now more than ever before.

Whether you and your partner are separated due to the military or an overseas job, you’re students away at college, or, you have family or business ties that keep you from being able to be with the one you love full time, it can be done.

Love Lust or Bust is a place where you can  share stories of adventure, love and passion. The site is filled with travel tips, advice on maintaining long distance relationships, great date ideas, and wedding traditions and cultures around the world.

We also share stories by those who have been “catfished” or scammed by online posers, fakes and predators. Our priority is to give readers the tools to protect themselves and to be prepared for unexpected outcomes. Being armed with suggestions on how to avoid being tricked can save lots of time; precious time better utilized for planning a trip that will light (or reignite) the explosive fire between you and your partner.



April Hope created Love, Lust or Bust, a guide to romance & travel for those with insatiable wanderlust, to inspire others to follow their dreams & passions while exploring the world. When not inspiring (cajoling) women to share their travel stories & sexy secrets, she’s busy singing karaoke naked at nudist resorts to get free press trips and writing about fleeing frigid New York winters to explore the most romantic places in the world.


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