Tour Company Collaboration Form

Before reading this, please check out this page to see what I offer, what I expect in exchange, and my fees.

Using this form below, please write a little about your company.

This information and your original photos will be used to make a special page for you (like a Facebook page or a mini-website) on

Write a bit about you and why you love being a tour guide and how you started.

  • What made you want to become a tour guide? Who is on your team?
  • What makes your company special and different?
  • Why should clients choose your tour company instead of another one?

Please include photos, especially pictures of you and/ or your team. Include your company name and website, email, and WhatsApp number.

  • Just a suggestion, if you do special tours that are not the same types of tours people usually go on, such as bird watching or photography or vegetarian food tours, try to include those photos so your company will stand out.
  • If you do group tours for women or honeymoons/ weddings, I am especially eager to add them to both websites.
  • Do you support or donate any local charities? This is a huge selling point for many of my clients who love knowing that some part of their booking is going to help others in need, so include this information if you do!
  • If you really want to stand out and make people choose you, tell a little about how you make sure women travelers will stay safe in your country; safe from harassment and from men who make women uncomfortable by romantic or sexual comments, questions, or behavior?

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