Bloggers Let’s Collaborate

Hey Bloggers,

Want to work together? Let’s collaborate.

There are several ways we can work together.

1. Guest posting. If you’re a travel blogger, it would be awesome to hear from you! If you have an idea for a story, article or listical, let us know. Lifestyle bloggers or people who write about relationships/ dating, personal finance, technology, health and wellness, photography, or other areas should contact me us as well and see if our goals overlap. Whether you want us to write for you, you want to contribute something to our site, or do swap guest posts, contact us and let’s work together! Click here for ideas of the type of posts we’re seeking, and here for more general information about guest posts. We’re also looking for bloggers to feature. To be considered, click here for a list of topics & interview questions.

2. Let’s trade small ad space. Your logo & tag, contest, or mini ad for ours. If a trade doesn’t work for you but you’re looking to advertise your e-book, products or site, click here.

3. Let’s collaborate on a post. A small section from each of us would be perfect. Short, sweet, and less time consuming, yet a powerful way to each build following. I love being part of, as well as creating round-ups!

4. Interviews are amazing! If you’d like to have us write about you, your travels, your blog, or to star in your own mini-realty show type of interview where we delve deeply, probing into your secret sex and love life where we can ask rude, obnoxious, intrusive, personal questions, let us know.

If you’re not quite ready to have the world know about all of your deepest, darkest secrets, maybe we can just focus on your travel adventures. (For now.)

5. Sharing a room on a cruise, hotel, AirBnB or hostel to save $. I especially love sharing hotel rooms for conferences such as TBEX, Travelcon, etcetera.

6. Apartment swaps/ couchsurfing. Hey…anything to be able to travel. Just sayin’…

Contact me if you’d like to collaborate.

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