We’re looking for:


*guest bloggers








*and cool, sexy tech nerds to contribute to our community!

Share your travel and dating tips, tricks and advice and photos.

For those of you who are really bold mofo’s, we’d love to hear about your personal stories about romance, love, sex.


But not too sexy! No graphic porno “And now your hand is on my…” cyber sexting.


We also love stories about dating while traveling- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the catfish.

And yes, you can share anonymously.

If you’re not much of a writer but you want to share your story through audio or video, we also have a new podcast series and would love to interview you.

If you’re a photographer and/ or you have SEO/website/marketing/techie skills…are you single? Haha just kidding. (Not really!)


Whatever your interest/ skills, join our team; we’d love to have you!


For more details on what we’re looking for, check out our guidelines here.

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