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Thank you so much for reading my blog; it means so much to me!
My mom once told me she had to pay kids 25 cents to play with me because I was a little terrorist when I was a child, so I try to be extra nice now, and I absolutely love making new friends. It’s pretty amazing to be exploring a new city, someplace like Jamaica or Marrakech, and having a stranger come up to me and tell me they follow me/ my blog.
So if you’re ever visiting NYC while I’m here, or if I’m visiting your city, let me know. Maybe we can meet up & swap travel stories!

Please keep in mind that I receive hundreds of emails each week and am often traveling in areas with little/ no access to wifi.

I do read and appreciate your emails, but please understand that I no longer have time to respond to every email personally. I do try to reply to comments on my blog as often as possible, so you will probably receive a reply much faster there.

Before you contact me:

  1. Please read my about page. Your question is probably answered there; if not
  2. Please check here.

For destination advice:

If you are looking for destination advice, please visit my destinations page. I try to add new posts regularly in order to give you the best tips and advice possible!


If none of these pages helps you, please leave a comment under any blog post. I always try to reply to comments asap.


If you would like to request an interview or discuss a possible collaboration or guest or sponsored post, feel free to email me, but please check my pages first for detailed information.

  1. If you are a brand and want to work with me for a sponsored post click here.
  2. If you are a brand who would like to work with me click here.
  3. If you are a travel or lifestyle blogger and want to submit a guest post click here. For post ideas click here.
  4. If you are a blogger and work with me/ advertise on my site click here.
  5. If you are a blogger and would like to be considered as a featured blogger click here.


Would you like to interview or feature April Hope/ LoveLustorBust?

If you have checked the above pages and still need to contact me, (for example, you are Matthew McConnohay and suddenly find yourself single and you’re seeking an older, charming, hysterically funny, chubby brunette…or you’re looking to donate to my blog, or you’re a blogger looking to interview me,) then please send me an email.

My email address is [travelriter at] gmail [dot] com. Please email me directly that way. I look forward to chatting with you!

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