Guest Blog Post Ideas If You Want to Write For Us!


These are just a few ideas for guest posts we would love to have bloggers submit:


The  Most Romantic Restaurants in _(NYC, Paris, Mumbai, etc)

The Most Romantic Free Dates

The Sexiest Places to Kiss on Valentine’s Day

Tricks & Tips for Scoring Cheap Megabus Tickets

Sexy Skype Date Ideas

100 Questions to Ask Your Long Distance Lover

Why You Should Visit NYC (Iceland, etc) in Winter

Brooklyn Babe’s Best Budget Tips

Brooklyn Babe’s Best Backpacking Secrets

My Favorite Black Bloggers

That Time I Met My Tinder Date at _

While I’ll Never Go On Tinder Again

Why I love Tinder

Why You Should Post a Personal Ad on Craiglist

How to Get a Date While Solo Cruising

My Craziest Online Dating Story

The Sexiest Hotels in _

The Best Airport Bathrooms to Have a Quickie In

How to Join the Mile Hgh Club (Without Getting Arrested)

10 of the Coolest AirBnB Rentals

My Catfish Date

My Fairytale Wedding

Weirdest Wedding Rituals Ever

The Strangest Place I Ever_

The Rent-a-Dread I Fell In Love With

My Spring Break Fling

Long Distance Lust


Almost any “Top Ten_” stories that have to do with travel and/or love, lust or failed attempts would be perfect.

If you’re an aspiring blogger but you’re ot able to travel right now because of money, a job, family, etc., write about your hometown. The sexiest, most romantic, coolest, weirdest, strangest cafes, museums, restaurants, foods, performances, musical concerts, free events, etc. Be creative; the more unusual and unique the article or story, the more we will probably love it!

If you still can’t think of anything but you have amazing photos from a trip (or your own neighborhood) use them to tell a story. Explain why you took the shot, or why lovers might want to visit.



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