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First, we won’t work with just anyone. We’re not 18-year-old college coeds desperate for money willing to don a thong and gyrate around a stripper pole.

Okay; that’s not true. We kinda’ are travel whores and would do almost anything for a free flight, including sing karaoke naked at a nudist resort in front of drunk 70-year-old millionaires and their Barbie doll mistresses.

But when we receive free press trips, gifts or comps, you’ll know it because we’ll always give a full disclosure.

As for the stripper jobs, okay, maybe if the founder of Love Lust or Bust was a bit skinnier and a bit younger, and could have weekends off, working at the Okey Dokey Nude Coral temporarily until pulling an Anna Nicole Smith could work. But alas, Swiss chocolate and Balthazar are so decadently delicious.

But, we will not make you scroll through ads for f*ed up companies we don’t believe in, nor will we ever sell our email list.

However, for legit companies who want to work with us, we do have some awesome qualities (aside from being pretty humble).

We attract a following from all over the travel map, from budget backpackers to adventure travelers to retired couples looking for romantic getaways. Our diverse following includes college students who meet their “soul mates” while on spring break, couples who are looking for ways to keep the flame alive, and online daters excited about traveling to meet their lovers for the first time.

Love Lust or Bust where people come for cool tips, tricks, and advice about anything related to travel & romance.

You won’t find an impressive list of google analytics and numbers and followers on twitter- yet.

This is a micro-niche blog with damn loyal followers who LOVE this site.

We’re confident our numbers will increase exponentially in no time. But rather than to boast about a bunch of statistics, we have something far more powerful to offer you. We understand the psychology behind our customers wants, needs and fears. And we have the answers. People want, they crave passion, love, romance. And what better way to give that to them than to inspire them to travel. The excitement readers feel from our stories make them desperate to have the adventures and stories we share with them.

By advertising with us, together we can help them to create their own stories and dreams of travel and romance come true.

Does the name Mark Zuckerberg ring a bell? Imagine partnering with this young college kid before anyone ever heard of a crazy book for faces! Successful people know when to invest at the right moment with the right brands.

Join us now before we blow up and you won’t be able to afford us anymore. We offer brands, products, and companies a considerable amount of online exposure, and our rates are competitive now making this a great time to have your name, brand or company seen by our targeted audience.

We know it’s nice to have a “sure thing”. What guy wants to plan a romantic date to a really fancy, (expensive) restaurant with the online hottie of his dreams, only to have Senior Sally how up with no teeth, cackling as she explains, “Oh, that picture on my profile? Well, I figured once we met you’d be blown away by how sweet my personality is.”

We know your advertising dollars matter, so if we decide to form a partnership and you would like to see your brand, logo or business appear on this site just contact us below. We will do everything in our power to promote and suggest it to our followers. This website is something we’re extremely passionate about and one we will make it a priority to be sure to promote any advertisements that we feel have mutual goals in a way that will be mutually beneficial to our readers and partners.

Find out more about Love Lust or Bust here.

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travelriter (at) gmail (dot) com. (You know the deal…we hate spam, too! Please replace the at and the dot with @ and ., thank you!

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