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Accommodation Collaboration

If you are contacting me about collaborating and possibly doing business together, I am thrilled to meet you!

If you are ready to collaborate, please fill out this form here. Otherwise, please read below to find out more information about how we can work together.

Whether you own or manage a luxury desert camp, hotel, riad, kasbah, palace, treehouse, or any other amazing type of accommodation, I would love to learn more and work together if we are a good fit.

As you probably know, I have two travel websites and we can work together with one, or both.

What Information is Included Here:

  • My Travel Websites
  • Love Lust or Bust (it’s about TRAVEL, not a sex site!)
  • Wanderlusty
  • How we can Collaborate
  • My Referal Fees/ Commission
  • To be Added to Wanderlusty
  • What to Include on Your Page
  • Exchange/ “Fam”/ Press Trip
  • What I Expect From You
  • What I Offer in Exchange
  • What I Do Not Offer
  • If You are Seeking a Potential Relationship with Me
  • If You are Serious About Collaborating
  • Final Thoughts & How to Contact Me

Love Lust or Bust

The first site, Love Lust or Bust, is an online magazine that includes a blog about romance and travel.

Because this website is five years old, I have built up a following of loyal readers, eager for my travel tips and advice. They want to know which tour companies, hotels, activities, and products I recommend.

Love Lust or Bust focuses on romantic getaways for couples, wedding and honeymoon destinations, long-distance relationships, and travel tips in general. It is full of articles about popular tours, luxury accommodations, and travel and relationship (love/sex/dating/romance) advice, as well as the most romantic and sexy destinations around the world.

Sometimes people think this site is about sex, but this is not true. People who follow my website are mostly couples looking for honeymoon destinations, or fun, romantic (and yes, sexy,) places to go and things to do.

Many of my readers are people in long-distance relationships and looking for dating advice, or information on getting a fiance or spousal visas.

Sometimes I have included articles about sex museums, or other articles on sexy topics because that is something that many Americans and Europeans love to read.

In fact, one of my articles had over 500,000 readers, and I get between 34-40,000 readers every month who absolutely love the Love Lust or Bust website!

And my readers want to know about your company.

If I recommend your tours, service, or products, they trust me and know that I chose to work with you because you are the best.


I also have a new website, Wanderlusty, to give my readers a better idea of which tour guides and luxury desert camps, hotels, riads, kasbahs, and palaces in the world I work with and recommend the most.

Wanderlusty is similar to Get Your Guide, but they allow anyone to be a member and are based on customer reviews, like Trip Advisor.

I personally select every single individual and company that I include on Wanderlusty Tours, people I have met and worked with for the past 20 years. There are a few exceptions with people who are strongly recommended by close friends who have introduced us.

My readers for Wanderlusty are not only interested in romantic or sexy destinations, but they are also families, groups, students, and friends looking for the best tours, activities, and accommodations.

I focus mainly on luxury, but also offer more affordable options for those on a budget.

I am not a travel agent, but a trip planner and guide, referring clients to the companies I believe are better than the rest.

Since I am not a travel agent, I will not be coming with a group on tours most of the time. I am simply referring clients in exchange for a commission.

I know that many travel agents expect a 50% commission, or can charge clients based on a price that you give them. However, I feel that this is unfair when tour company owners are doing most of the work.

I ask for 20% for myself and ask that you give my clients a 20% discount.

Although this is a new business and it will take time to build my client list, based on my rapid increase in followers on my first website over the past year, I expect to have a large client base fairly quickly.

Unlike Get Your Guide, I will also allow owners and managers of luxury desert camps, hotels, riads, kasbahs & palaces to write blog posts and articles which helps in several ways:

  • This, of course, helps your accommodations stand out from the rest. Potential clients may see 10 different types of accommodations offered in Morocco on Wanderlusty, but your article will inspire them to choose you.
  • Depending on the topic of your article, (for example, you may have a swimming pool in the middle of the desert, or a garden oasis and offer your guests farm-to-table-dining, a picnic on the dunes, wedding planning, etcetera) potential clients may be inspired to choose your camp/ hotel instead of another place. Maybe you have a rooftop bar and live music or dancing, or cooking classes. Or perhaps they will be attracted to the photos you include in the article.
  • This helps with link building. While your blog post/ article cannot sound like an ad, if you write about a music festival or international film festival taking place nearby, or another interesting topic, you can include a link to your website at the bottom of the post. This helps with SEO, helping your company to get to the top of Google’s search engine page.

I will be honest, I will have my favorite hotels, riads, luxury camps, and palaces. I dream of staying in a tree house. And I love anything unique, strange, or unusual.

For those companies I find to be absolutely exceptional, I will personally write articles about them to include on one or both websites.

I’m excited about working together to help bring the tourism industry back where it belongs; making our clients fall in love with your countries the way you are, and making sure they leave feeling not only that they have had an unforgettable trip, but that they now have a family to visit year after year.

How We Can Collaborate

If you would like to collaborate, these are the ways I work together with business owners.

  • I can write a paid, sponsored post about a company for Love Lust or Bust (and possibly Wanderlusty Tours as well). Please send an email to wanderlustytours (at) Gmail (dot) com for more information and to discuss my fees.

  • You can invite me to your hotel for a “fam” (familiarization) or “press trip”. Please let me know the details and how many days, and whether any additional things that will, or will not be included; meals, Hamman or spa services, etcetera. I will promote and advertise your business and refer clients to you.
  • If you are not offering accommodations but would only like a review of your restaurant, Hammam, spa, or activities, please be specific.
  • Send an email to discuss the details and expectations to wanderlustytours (at) Gmail (dot) com.

  • You can choose instead to write your own article as a guest post about your company if you are not able to invite me to be a guest at your hotel/ camp, or if I am unable to travel to your country at this time.
  • There will still be a fee for my time editing and proof-reading, but it will be less than a sponsored post. I only accept guest posts if they are a good fit for my readers. I am extremely selective, and there are some adult companies that I will not promote.

I enjoy getting quality content from different perspectives for my site. It helps me to have an amazing site filled with great content and advice, and it will help you to promote your hotel/ camp.

I work hard to have credibility and it has taken years for me to build my online reputation and domain authority, and Google has placed some of my articles on the first page of multiple searches because of this.

By having your tour company highlighted on Love Lust or Bust, your site will benefit from SEO “link juice” and being given credibility from my website, helping you to get your site closer to the top of searches, bringing you more clients.

  • I sometimes accept products, one-day tours, etcetera, to write a review, or to use in a Giveaway for my readers, so if you are interested in offering a free night(s) for my readers in a contest or Giveaway, please let me know!

*No matter which option is best for you, I will expect a commission for the clients I refer.

My Referal Fees/ Commission

  • My readers will contact you to discuss the details of your accommodations and/ or tours. I do not discuss prices with clients. You can decide on prices and negotiate with the client directly.
  • I only work with people/ businesses I trust and will assume they are giving me the proper commission. My relationships with people I work with are based on trust and mutual respect and friendship, and the money is not as important to me. Lifelong friendships and feeling as if we have become a family are most important to me.

I know that it is common for tour company owners to offer 50% after expenses, or to have the travel agent/ planner/ advisor decide on a price and pay the tour company or guide. I prefer to do things differently.

My fee is 20%. I will also offer clients a 20% discount code (for example, LLB20 or WANDERLUSTY20), and this is how you will know they have been referred by me.

To Be Added to Wanderlusty

If you want to have your business promoted on Wanderlusty Tours, please complete this form and answer the questions.

If you have further questions for me, please contact me through email wanderlustytours (at) Gmail (dot) com.

I will write a detailed article about my experience as a guest at your hotel/camp on either Love Lust or Bust, or Wanderlusty.

However, your business will also be included on the Wanderlusty website on your own personal page, or “mini-website” similar to a Get Your Guide page or a Facebook page.

There is no sponsored post fee for this website yet, however, I do expect a 20% commission for client referrals who book with you.

What to Include on Your Wanderlusty Page

Using this form, please write a little about your company.

Include a paragraph or two about you and why you owning/ managing your place and how you started.

  • Who is on your team?
  • What makes your accommodations so special?
  • Why should clients choose to stay at your place instead of another one?

Please include photos. Include your hotel name and website, email, and WhatsApp number.

  • Just a suggestion, if you do have special amenities/ activities, try to include those photos so your company will stand out.
  • If you do offer special group rates or have events/ activities for women/ honeymoons/ weddings, I am especially eager to add them to both websites.
  • Do you support or donate any local charities? This is a huge selling point for many of my clients who love knowing that some part of their booking is going to help others in need, so include this information if you do!

What I Expect from You

It is possible that I am already in your country, or that I will be visiting soon. Usually, a tourism board, (or I,) will arrange for my flight to your country.

Below are the questions I have that will help me to know what to expect from you and what you are offering (and what you expect from me).

  • If you own or manage a hotel, riad, or luxury camp, please tell me exactly how many days you are offering and what you expect in return.
  • For hotel/ company owners, please tell me what exactly will be included and what will not.
  • Will you or a driver pick me up from the airport?
  • Will transportation be included?
  • How many days will the tour be?
  • For accommodations (camp, riad, hotel, etc) how many nights are you offering?
  • Are the accommodations you will provide luxury, standard, or budget?
  • Will any or all meals be included? If yes, how many will I be responsible for on my own?
  • What are the websites for the accommodations where I will be staying?

Please include your website, email, and WhatsApp telephone.

What I Offer in Exchange

Usually, the minimum content I offer is a well written, full-length article that I guarantee you will absolutely love. However, I will be honest. If there are any issues or problems, I will discuss them with you first to attempt to find a solution before publishing my article.

I will include photos that you are allowed to use and republish on your website and social media, as long as you include a photo credit and a link to my site.

Depending on how many days you are offering, I might possibly also increase my content to include some or all of the following;

  • I will actively promote the article on my social media channels.
  • Mentions on both websites.
  • Your own page promoting your company on Wanderlusty. This is valuable for established companies, as well as for those tour guides and hotels that do not have a professional website.
  • I can also offer you a free guest blog post that you write (and I will edit/ proof-read for you) to be published on Wanderlusty after you have your own page on the site. You can write about any topic that tourists may find interesting, such as; the best way to choose a tour guide, which desert is the best one to visit, how to negotiate while shopping in souks, the most romantic places to go in your country, how to choose the best cooking class, etcetera. You can, of course, include a short sentence or two about your tours at the end of the article and a way for people to contact you.
  • An Airbnb account for your hotel/camp/riad OR for your tours/ activities on Airbnb Experiences.
  • I can create the account on Airbnb, and create a Paypal or other method for you to get paid if you do not have one.
  • I can create at least one review for you on Trip Advisor and reviews for other websites when possible.
  • If you have offered much more than the typical arrangement, I will advise you on tips to help you improve your website to help you to advertise and promote your business.

What I Do Not Offer

  • Video

While I do create videos, my skills are not at a professional level where I feel comfortable including that at this point. I will do Facebook and Instagram live and add videos as an extra bonus at times, but I do not promise this in my collaborations at this time.

  • Proof-reading/ Editing on Your Website

For over 15 years I have taught writing workshops, so I am skilled at editing and proof-reading. There are times when I am able to offer my services to help to fix mistakes and to improve websites, but this is extremely time-consuming and would be expensive. Instead, I will offer you advice and resources (free and paid) that I hope can help you to be able to fix any problems so that you have the best website possible.

  • Website Design or Creation

While I do much of the work on my two websites by myself, I have a professional website developer/ designer. I am not trained as a website designer, and I strongly suggest that you find someone who you trust and work directly with them.

However, I can offer you a free “mini-website” page on Wanderlusty if you do not have a site of your own. See below.

I do not offer:

  • Sex/ A Relationship

Please see below. I am seeking a business relationship only.

If You are Seeking a Potential Relationship with Me

If you are seeking a strictly professional relationship and to do business, please ignore this section.

I understand that most of you are serious about doing business, but there have been people in the past who were interested in me romantically or seeking fun.

If you are seeking a relationship instead of doing business with me, please read this.

If You are Serious About Collaborating

So for men who are professional and send me messages about business, I appreciate that you have approached me with respect.

I will work harder than anyone you have ever met to try to promote your business.

I usually wake up at 5 am to pray and meditate, and often work from 7 am until midnight.

I LOVE what I do.

If you are ready to collaborate, please fill out this form here.

Final Thoughts & How to Contact Me

* I do not discuss business through Facebook messages or WhatsApp until we have firmly discussed working together through email and I know that you are serious about business.

If you have further questions, please contact me at wanderlustytours (at) Gmail (dot) com.

If there is anything else you would like from me to help you promote your business, product, or tour company, please let me know! I will do my absolute best to provide it for you.

I work extremely hard to establish relationships with people I collaborate with, and who are my followers. My hope is that the people I work with consider me as not just a business partner in a sense, but more than a friend; like family.

I will work harder than you can imagine helping you to become as successful as possible.

Together, we will offer our clients not only the most unforgettable experiences, but they will become a part of our family forever!

My motto that I live by is to under-promise and to over-deliver.

It is my mission to be sure that every single person I work with goes away thinking that they received much, much more than they have given, and are incredibly happy to have been able to work together.

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