Morocco is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a wide variety of thrilling adventures and experiences for travelers to try.

But it’s also know for its incredibly romantic charm. And what better thanks to experience this destination than with the person you love? Thankfully, if you’re searching for a Moroccan vacation for two, there are plenty of things for you to explore.

You can spend a relaxing, tranquil day absorbing the sun, head off on an exciting escapade through the Sahara Desert, or book an experienced tour guide to help you find the less touristy, more hidden places to visit. There are many dreamy activities and things to do in Morocco for all personalities and tastes.

From hot air balloon rides, sleeping under the stars at a luxury desert camp, or “glamping”, wandering through Majorelle Gardens, or swimming under the famous Cascade d’Ouzud, there are so many things to do, its hard to know where to begin!

Below are a few ideas to get you started on your romantic getaway.

Have a Couple’s Spa Day 

Spend some quiet time together at one amongst Morocco’s hammam spas. These are kind of like Turkish baths (but even sexier!), where you can enjoy a couple’s massage, salt scrubs, soaking in a pool or spend time sitting in a vapour bath. Later, you will be rinsed, exfoliated, and given an exquisite massage.

Book a couple’s spa day, select your treatments and lay back for a soothing time together. This is often great for the more laidback couple, but is can also be a special treat for the duo that has been on-the-go exploring; exhilarating, but exhausting. This is the proper time to relax on your holiday while still spending time as a pair and immersing yourselves within the Moroccan culture.

Camel Trekking: 

If you’ve never ridden on a camel, a Moroccan trip is also an ideal excuse to experience this amazing ride. Since there’s such lots of desert in this fairytale destination, the camels here are happy in their natural habitat and quite relaxed at giving tourists a ride through the sands.

You can also get shorter camel rides in Marrakech. Aside from a really romantic excursion, a sunset ride through the desert is a sweet, delightful way to watch the sunset. Pair this ride with a decadent picnic dinner under the stars. There’s plenty to enjoy in the vast desert, and camel trekking is one of the more popular activities.

Beach Resorts: 

Whether you’re on your honeymoon, or just looking for a couple’s getaway, a Moroccan beach resort is very recommended. These resorts provide access to the foremost stunning beaches, further as an inventory of fun and romantic activities.

If you’re exciting at the thought of an adventurous route, you can try horseback riding, or water sports like kayaking or kitesurfing. Or book an appointment at your resort’s own spa and revel in those massages we mentioned above.

The resorts also typically have their own restaurants, so a candlelight dinner is simple to plan. And there should definitely be time to easily sit on the beach and absorb the sun while enjoying each other’s company.

For romantic date ideas in Marrakech, click here. Also, check out this photo gallery of Moroccan hot spots.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, contact Hassan from Morocco Shining Tours, who will create the perfect itinerary for you and your partner with these (or other) romantic activities that will make your trip unforgettable.

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