Egypt would be a lovely place for a couple to explore together. Egypt can definitely add some much needed “Middle Eastern Magic” to help spice up your relationship. But if a trip of a lifetime isn’t in the budget right now because of time or money, or if you’ve only recently started seeing each other, perhaps there is another way you can enjoy the romantic ambiance and exoticism of this amazing country.

No, you won’t be able to descend into the inner regions of the mysterious and impressive pyramids or learn the secrets of mummification, but you will be able to attend a magnificent and sexy soirée with a live belly dancer who just might reveal some of Egypt’s most hidden treasure and secrets.

Did you know the first recorded record of oral pleasure comes from Egyptian mythology? Or that there are divine myths about Egyptian gods centered around masturbation? Or that incest was common among siblings and parents with their children with ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses, and royalty? Read more about shocking sexual activities and customs here.

Hmm, what other scandalous, kinky secrets are Egyptians hiding?

Come to the erotic and exotic Arabian Nights soire, hosted by Ahmed Awney, Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

The attire is high glamour, or cocktail attire, international attire, vintage drag, eclectic costume, or however you might have dressed for an evening at a nightclub in Cairo.

Fellow guests might include famous celebrities, journalists, foreign dignitaries, and a mix of actors, writers and artists. Middle Eastern cuisine and happy hour prices will be available the whole evening.

Location: Karizma Lounge, NY, NY

Time: Wednesday September 4th @ 7-10pm

For more information, click here.

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