If you’re a travel lover and you’re on the hot new social media platform, The Clubhouse, then you’re probably a member of the Girls Love Travel Club. In the GLT Club, there are tons of regular, and pop-up public and private rooms each week. One of the most popular is the Solo Travel and Safety weekly room held every Sunday at 11:00 am est.

Each week there is a different, more specific topic, such as; How to Avoid Popular Tourist Scams, What to Pack to Help You Stay Safer While Traveling, How to Avoid Popular Romance Scams, etcetera.

Below is a summary of the tips shared in the room.

Best Safety Tips and Tricks

Alarms (portable)

Always have a Plan B, and, if possible, C, D, etc.

American Red Cross safety app 14 different types of emergencies including heart attack and stroke

Anti theft back pack

Anti theft tank tops, leggings, boy shorts

Anti theft wire 

Apologize later if you were wrong; but yell if you must

Avoid getting drunk

Backup photos memories on your friends phone too

Be aware of political warnings

Be extra aware of your surroundings

Befriend a family who may watch your things while you swim 

Bring condoms, but check country laws to see if they’re legally allowed

Bring extra masks, gloves and sanitizer

Bring extra medicine TSA approved

Buy insurance

Cable lock

Carry a portable safe

Chapstick or tampon container for extra cash

Check out PacSmart bags, cages and other safety accessories

Complacency is the enemy; do not get too comfortable, at home or away

Connect with local Couchsurfing members

Connect with Local Girl’s Love Travel members

Copy passport and ids

Cross body bag double strap

Dangerous men/ thieves expect you to aim for genitals; go for their eyes

Divine eagle spy camera usb charger

Do not be afraid to be wrong; scream, slap, yell, and accuse if you feel unsafe

Do not worry about being a nice girl

Do prior research on local scams

Don’t flash money around

Don’t post your travel plans or locations on social media until a few days later

Don’t put all your possessions, money, phone, etc. in one bag; try to diversify

Email copies of your important documents to friends, family members and yourself

Emergency apps

Emergency safety bracelet

Fanny packs money belts

First aid travel kit

Get copies and take photos of your passport and other documents

Get COVID tests

Get your phone unlocked and add an international calling plan

Have a portable mobile WiFi hotspot

Have a power of attorney

Have money for emergencies put aside

Have the local emergency and police numbers on speed dial

Have your first nights accommodation booked

Head lamp

Hide money in tampons

If possible, try to find a local GLT or Couchsurfing member before traveling

If you have medication, be extra careful that someone does not steal it

If you think your drink was drugged, dump it, switch it, or “accidentally” spill it

If you’re going on a boat, give someone your insurance information in case of emergency

Insurance with Covid 19 protection

Intuition is your superpower

Invisiwear jewelry secret 911

Know the local laws esp where Sex is illegal 

Look for hostels with lockers

Luggage trackers

Memorize at least one emergency phone number of a relative or friend

Memorize number of emergency contact

Neck wallets

Packing cubes

Pacsmart cafes


Pay a bit extra for your safety

Pay to go to a beach club or crash a resort it’s safer

Pickpocket proof clothes

Pocket bras

Portable door alarm

Portable door alarms

Portable safes

Pretend you’re taking a selfie with someone, or of yourself while taking a photo of someone else

Read about popular tourist scams in that country on the IS Embassy website

Read about popular tourist scams before you go

Read travel guide books, blogs before you go

Research the location in advance

Register with your Embassy

Rent local phones SIM cards

Rubber door stop

Safety travel attire

Safety whistle

Schedule regular check in calls or texts

Schedule safety calls

Screenshot Google maps directions when you have WiFi

Search hotel rooms for cameras

Security belt

Self defense course

Self defense key chain

Separate your credit and bank cards

Share your hotel/ accommodations details with family/ friends

Share your location with someone friends or hotel staff and your itinerary roughly when you’ll return

Sip Chip helps you to check if your drink was drugged

Sky roam hot spots

Speakeasy hidden pocket money scarves

Special Nail Polish & jewelry can help you check if your drink was drugged

Travel insurance, especially with Covid-19 protection

Trust your instincts

Try to arrive in the daytime

Try to avoid drinking while traveling altogether

Try to have someone meet you at the airport

Unlock your phone

USB tiny spy camera

Use a local sim card or phone

Use a portable mobile WIFI hotspot

Vigilant personal alarm

Watch scam city on Netflix

Water and slash proof bags

Water bottle with filter

Waterproof bags and backpacks for swimming

Yoga pants with pockets

Zip ties on luggage

Do you have other solo travel safety tips? Comment below!

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