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Do you often ask yourself why men treat you like shit?

I get it. I’ve been there.

For years, I dated men who lied, cheated, and tried to use me for sex, money, or green cards. I dated the worst men. I am also a survivor of domestic abuse. So yes, I have had men treat me poorly.

But that’s not the case anymore. Things have changed dramatically for me.

After being baffled by why some women are treated so badly while others get treated like princesses, I studied relationships, human psychology, codependency, and most important; The Law of Attraction.

Finally, I found the answer.

Today, I cannot imagine being with a man who wasn’t completely, totally, 100% respectful and loving toward me. But it wasn’t always this way. For years, the men I dated were abusive physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally.

So what happened to change everything?

I changed.

I used to cry all the time about men who cheated, lied and only seemed to want to use me. But it wasn’t them who changed, it was me.

Through research on The Law of Attraction I’ve been able to change my thoughts, and the way I interact, with men.

By no longer believing all men are liars, cheaters, or abusive, I was able to start attracting healthier, more loving, compassionate, decent men in my life, especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

Like attracts like.

I know those words will be controversial. I am NOT victim blaming or saying that anybody “asks” to be be abused. But I have found that the healthier I am, the healthier the people in my life are.

Before you get offended or furious with me, please keep an open mind and think about things. Have you ever heard of “The Law of Attraction” or seen a movie/ documentary called “The Secret“?

Go to Youtube and put in “The Law of Attraction & relationships“. Just listen. Be open.

If I’m wrong, you can continue being with men who treat you horribly. But imagine, what if I am right? What if you stop being a victim and pointing the finger at the guys who are cheating, lying, scamming, and start asking yourself “why me”?

I don’t mean, “Why me, poor me, all men are shit…” I mean, “I wonder why men like this are always drawn to me like a moth to a flame, when so many other women are able to meet super nice guys who treat them like queens?”

Men treat us the way we teach them to.

Not by our words so much, but by our behavior. Our actions.

I do not think that most women “teach” a man to beat them, or to lie, cheat, steal or scam them. But how many times have you had a man lie or cheat, and you yell and scream and even break up with him, only to have amazing, incredible make up sex the minute he apologizes?

No…just me?

How many times has a man promised to take you to a lovely, romantic restaurant, only to leave you sitting there after hours of doing your hair and nails and nothing. No phone call, no emergency; nothing. Only to call you a few days or a week or two later with some bullshit excuse about how he had to work or his baby mama called and he needed to drop everything to take care of his kid, or some lame ass excuse.

And then you saw him again. You allowed him back in because, damn, he’s fine and he knows just what to whisper, and of course he knows exactly what your weak spot is.

You can scream at him all you like. But if you’re actions AND your thoughts are not right, you will keep attracting the same type of man over and over again.

All men are not dogs. Only the ones you are attracting are.

I promise you, your thoughts are beyond powerful. You are a magnificent creator and your life is exactly what you expect it to be. Men. Money. Career. Health; all of the things you desire in your life can be yours, if you learn how to manifest what you want by changing your thoughts.

Check out the movie/ documentary called “The Secret”, or Google “Law of Attraction” or “manifesting love” on Youtube. Choose any video listed and see what you think.

It’s kind of like electricity; you can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You don’t need to stick your finger in a socket to get “proof”. Well, the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) is the same thing. You don’t have to believe it, but your not so positive thoughts about yourself are causing you to attract men who don’t exactly treat you right.

If learn truly love yourselves and strive to be as healthy as possible by focusing on what you DO want and deserve, you WILL attract healthier men. I promise you.

Has anyone ever seen The Secret or read about The Law of Attraction? Do you think our thoughts are powerful and we can manifest or attract healthy, or unhealthy, partners?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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