Recently I got on board with the new social media sensation, The Clubhouse around the same time Haley Woods, the founder of Girls Love Travel joined and added the GLT Club on the hot new platform.

Hundreds of group members are creating rooms on the iPhone only app with hot travel topics. One of my favorites is “The Daily Show” which happens every day at 2:00 pm Eastern time.

Once a week the chat is called “Manifesting Monday” on, you guessed it; Mondays, and audience members are encouraged to come to the “stage” to share what they have, and what they intend to manifest.

Women shared plenty of fantastic tips on which tools work best to help them create and manifest their dreams, from buying a dream home to moving to a new country, to building a successful travel blog.

Top Tips Shared Manifesting Monday


Most successful people swear by meditation. By having a few minutes (30 minutes is ideal) of quiet reflection each morning can help you to focus on what you want to attract in your life, whether that’s travel, success, more financial abundance, a relationship, optimal physical health, or anything you’d like to have more of in abundance.

HZ Frequency Videos:

Do a search for what you would like to manifest on Youtube, and be sure to also write “HZ frequency” for powerful subliminal messages you can listen to while you’re sleeping to rapidly attract more of what you want.


‘Unfu*k Yourself’ by Gary John Bishop

‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron

Ask And It Is Given’ by Abraham Hicks

Youtube Videos:

Do a search on Youtube for manifesting, and be specific about exactly what it is you want to attract (good health, weight loss, travel abroad, a career as a travel blogger or influencer, etcetera) and learn how to create and manifest more powerfully.


c is a film (2006) showing interviews with those who strongly believe that anyone can manifest whatever it is they desire.


Scripting is a hugely popular tool many people use to attract more of what they’re seeking now. You can check out Youtube videos on scripting. Basically, in scripting, you write a letter to God/ the universe/yourself. Remember to write it in the present tense for faster results.


Writing down your goals in a journal can be extremely powerful, helping you to focus on what you’d like in the future.

Gratitude List:

Writing a daily gratitude list is a powerful manifesting tool, especially if you do it every morning when you first wake up. I try to write a list of ten things, however, you can also write one word of thanks for every letter of the alphabet.


Yes, girl, even in a pandemic, even in the cold AF winter we are now experiencing. Luckily I have to force myself to get outside every day because I have to take my dog for walks, but otherwise, I’d probably still be sitting in the house for infinity. But the truth is, once I get outside (as long as I am dressed warmly) it feels good to be out in the sunlight and walking briskly.


Stating or writing daily affirmations can be extremely beneficial when you’re trying to manifest more abundance. If you like, try using the app ‘Think Up’.

Vision boards:

I absolutely love hosting vision board workshops for women! Together we tear through magazines and select photos, words, and magazine pages to create powerful collages that will transform your life.


Imagine yourself with the thing that you want to manifest, but speak about it in the present tense.


If you get a negative thought or you actually say it out loud (and we’re human, so we all do), that’s okay. Just relax, and regroup, and tell yourself three positive things to combat that negative thought.


“If you believe it, you can achieve it!” Was the perfect quote for our Manifesting Monday group.

I hope you’re as excited to try every one of these as I am. If you’re especially eager to manifest travel, check out this article. And please share your tips with us down below!

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