I secretly love bars with nasty, vulgar, dirty names.

Perhaps it’s because I’m always trying to be the “good girl”; not swearing like a sailor (at least, not in front of my mother), not dancing on tables at clubs (anymore), not dating twins (although if I WAS guilty, am I really to blame if they look so damn alike?) so finding bars with nasty names where the drink are even dirtier is fun. It makes you feel scandalous and sexy, like you’re Samantha in “Sex and the City” on the prowl for your next boy toy.

I’ve compiled a list of bars and other venues that you might want to check out the next time your Tinder date in NYC asks you where you’d like to meet up. Click on the links below to find hours, days and directions.

  • I have not been to the venue House of Yes yet, but I intend to asap. I included it because it looks and sounds amazing and I want you to be aware of its existence and check it out for yourself. I cannot figure out exactly what this venue is…it sounds like a cross between a dance club/ cirque du soleil/ burning man style play space/ bdsm dungeon/ sensual, interactive, immersive theater/ costumes only bar. I’m thrilled to have found it and cannot wait to review it for you guys so stay tuned!



Fat Black Pussycat (amazing live music, open mic and comedy shows)

Paddles (BDSM nightclub with spanking parties_

Club Lust

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

Le Boudoir (Hand’s down, my favorite sexy bar in NYC)

169 Bar (formerly Bloody Bucket)

Madame X “The Sexiest Bar in NYC”

Bar at the Museum of Sex

Lucky Cheng’s (Pan Asian drag bar/ restaurant)

Le Scandal (Cabaret)

House of Yes


Catfish Is there any other perfect place for a first date with an online lover??

Dirty Precious

Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash

Which nasty, vulgar, dirty bars are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below! (Don’t be shy!)



  • Featured Photo credit; le Scandal Cabaret
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