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Many locals and visitors from afar have been able to witness the incredible beauty of Morocco, in particular the stunning cascade waterfall called Ouzud and the desert dunes of Merzouga. But few know of the romantic tale of how they came to be the most magical, romantic places in Morocco.

In the heart of Morocco, amidst the rugged beauty of the Atlas Mountains, lies the breathtaking marvel known as the Ouzud waterfall. As the sunlight dances upon the cascading waters, a symphony of nature unfolds, captivating all who witness its enchanting embrace.

Picture a scene of verdant greenery, where vibrant wildflowers adorn the cliffs that cradle the falls. The air is alive with the sweet aroma of jasmine and the delicate fragrance of wild mint, teasing the senses and heightening the anticipation of what lies ahead.

As you approach, the sound of rushing water grows louder, echoing through the tranquil valley. The first glimpse of Ouzud is a revelation—a tapestry of white froth, gracefully tumbling down the rugged rock face, like a celestial ribbon woven by the hands of angels.

Stand in awe as the waterfall reveals its grandeur. The waters descend in a series of terraces, forming natural steps that lead to a crystal-clear pool below. Each terrace exudes a unique charm, its frothy veil shimmering in the sunlight, casting a mystical allure upon the surroundings.

Close your eyes and listen—feel the invigorating mist kiss your cheeks as the cascading waters create a gentle symphony. The rhythm of the falls harmonizes with the heartbeat of nature, a melodious composition that resonates deep within your soul.

As you descend the path that winds alongside the falls, you witness nature’s masterwork in exquisite detail. Lush ferns and mosses cling to the damp rocks, painting a verdant canvas of vibrant greens. Delicate butterflies dance in the mist, their wings painted with hues that rival the flowers in bloom.

Pause for a moment at the foot of the falls, where the waters gather in a tranquil pool. Dip your fingers into its cool embrace, feeling the purity and energy it exudes. Look up, and you will be rewarded with a sight that defies imagination—a rainbow, born from the convergence of sun and mist, arching gracefully across the sky, as if nature herself is offering a celestial blessing to all who witness this wonder.

The Ouzud waterfall is not merely a sight to behold; it is an experience that stirs the heart and ignites the flames of romance. The ethereal beauty that surrounds it weaves a spell, whispering tales of love and enchantment to those who listen. The falls, with their untamed power and graceful elegance, embody the very essence of passion and the transformative power of nature.

Let the Ouzud waterfall be a testament to the boundless wonders that exist in the world, reminding us of the beauty that lies in the union of earth and water, and the eternal dance of love and nature.

But there is also the majestic magic of the golden dunes of Merzouga.

Today, we are lucky to have our friend Ali to share with us the Moroccan fable of how the Ouzud waterfall and the sandy dunes of Merzouga, two dramatically different places, came to be united as the most magical, romantic places in Morocco.


I am telling you now a story so sad, but at the same time so romantic. The story happened a long time ago, no one knows how long, but I would like to share it with you today.

There was once a very rich girl, who fell in love with a poor Berber. He worked hard and would do anything to serve the people, and his kindness stole the girl’s heart.

They met when she was a young, traditional Arab who was crossing the desert with her family. 

One day her horse got injured and she had a bad fall in the sand. The Berber boy saw everything that was happening and ran quickly to help her.

He didn’t dare look into her eyes.

He was sure he didn’t deserve to look at her beauty, so he turned his face to the ground.

The girl was in great pain, unable to walk, so he offered to take her in his arms. 

Gently she said, ‘Yes’. She had the voice of an angel.

He and the other Berber nomads took her in to protect her from the heat. The poor Berber knew that never again in his life would he fall in love with a woman as he was doing now. 

The girl’s heart beat faster when she looked into the eyes of the strong young man. His skin was a bit tanned, and his arms were very strong and masculine because of the hard work he did.

After he had taken care of her, she dreamed thousands of dreams of the Berber. Sadly, she knew that they were only dreams.

Her fate had already been decided long ago. She was destined to marry a cousin of her father and like a true good Muslim girl, she would obey.

The poor Berber was devastated. But of course, he understood and accepted that his fate was to live alone in the desert, but his heart was broken. He would suffer alone.

But the girl could not forget her Berber, and she longed to run away with him.

She desperately wanted to share her life with him, no matter the consequences. But when she learned that he left and that she would never see him again in her life, she was seriously heartbroken.

According to the legend, every evening she would be there, in the mountains, calling his name.

She remained there her entire life calling his name, to no avail.

It is said by Berber storytellers that through the many tears she shed for her lost love, the Ouzoud waterfalls in Marrakech were created. 

Meanwhile, the Berber man was far away in the desert, missing his true love. He drew a heart in the sand every day because his heart was longing only for her.

One day, even though he knew she was married and she could never be his, he returned to see her again. He just wanted to have a glimpse of her face one more time.

When he got there, he was filled with joy when he found her at the waterfalls.

They got married and left together for the desert of Merzouga.

It is still whispered that whoever expresses his wish to find love at the falls will find his true love.

One day many years later, the two bodies entwined in a loving embrace in the desert were found. It is said that the loves that are born in the desert or at the falls are united for life because these are two of the most magical places, where there is no room for pain and not for sorrow. Here, there is only respect and true love.


Ali Agallali is the owner of “Planet Trek Travel” company. Ali is an expert licensed chauffeur specializing in off-road travel. Mr. Agallali is an expert on Berber Traditions, Moroccan and Amazigh History. Mr. Agallali is an expert in hiking mountains and desert trekking. He has worked in the domain of tourism for seven years and is fluent in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Berber. Mr. Agallali was born in the Berber village of Aït Ouizzine, nestled between the Saghro and Tamlalt mountains. In his former years, Mr. Agallali studied in the Southern Morocco region of Nkob. He has a degree in Marketing and Moroccan Tourism from FPO in Ouarzazate.

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