I have found international travel is an essential part of my leveling-up journey for so many reasons. In an era defined by rapid globalization and interconnectedness, international travel has emerged as an essential component of personal growth and self-discovery.

For countless individuals, myself included, venturing beyond one’s homeland has become an integral part of the journey toward self-improvement and enlightenment. In this article, I will explore why international travel has played a pivotal role in my own leveling-up journey, highlighting the myriad reasons why it is a transformative and invaluable experience.

Interesting Conversations

  • It enables me to have conversations with people in general, but particularly with more affluent men who have traveled extensively. We have more in common to talk about, sharing our favorite secret hot spots, our travel experiences, and our stories.


  • It has helped me become more “cultured” (or appear so lol), and I have forced myself to visit museums, architectural wonders, historical sites, monuments, galleries, and of course famous tourist spots (when secretly I only wanted to go shopping).

Different Demographics

  • I tend to meet incredibly successful, adventurous, charming men abroad because I put myself in situations I am not always comfortable with at home.

Access to Luxury Accommodations

  • Quite frankly, I can live like a baller abroad bc my $ goes a lot further. I have stayed at many 5-star hotels, resorts, palaces, kasbahs, riads, and luxury desert camps worldwide.

Access to High Society

  • I’ve found that while it is not always easy to break into high society here or to be accepted by socialites / the “in” crowd who may dismiss you more easily, in other countries I am easily accepted and it is assumed I “belong” because I am an American tourist. For more luxury travel articles, click here.

Upscale Events

  • I am almost ALWAYS invited to high-end, fancy restaurants, weddings, parties, and events, and I tend to frequent upscale hotels (even if I’m only dining/ having cocktails/ drinks).

High-End Experiences

  • I eagerly visit restaurants/ get day passes for pools/ do spa days at upscale hotels like La Mamounia, (voted “The Best Hotel in the World”) when I am abroad, which has given me the opportunity to meet affluent men (as well as females and couples) where I have formed new friendships)

More Opportunities to Find Love

  • I have opened myself up to the possibility of finding love beyond my backyard. The world is my oyster!

A Fairytale Wedding Abroad

  • I actually did meet a man in England on my first solo trip abroad and was married to him for 7 years. We are divorced now, but we had a small fairytale wedding in London, and we visited (and lived in) quite a few countries for our extended honeymoon.

A Tailored Wardrobe

  • I have been able to design my dream wardrobe and have tailors abroad make clothes that are incredibly flattering and beautiful, at a far less expensive price than I would have paid at home.


  • And, my favorite reason; I have shopped in the most exotic places and ancient souks and markets and medinas, and have been in awe at the most exquisite antiques and old French lace at flea markets, and I have bought vintage jewels and oh, I am breathless when I remember my incredible experiences and my heart pounds, reminding me that I need to plan another trip as soon as possible!

The Men…Oh, the Men!

  • Let’s be honest; the men abroad are so damn fine, I mean really; in Morocco, you can find a gorgeous, blond-haired, dreadlocked, rasta surf instructor, a posh, elegant, French-speaking businessman wearing a tailored suit in Casablanca, or an African Amazigh (Berber) musician in the desert who plays drums and sings to you as you dance barefoot under the stars; scorpions be damned!

Inspiration to Begin a Dream Career

  • My travel experiences inspired me to start this travel blog 7 years ago to help women to stay safe while being “flewed out” or while seeking love around the world.

Gain Confidence

  • Travel helped me to overcome the feelings of insecurity I felt at being raised in a poor community with a single parent. Today, I am confidently moving in different circles with people who are affluent; in fact, with people from all socio-economic backgrounds, religions, and beliefs- I am extremely comfortable in a variety of settings with many different types of people.

Lifelong Female Experiences

  • Possibly the most important benefit I have received from traveling is the female friendships I have made.

I have had so many amazing experiences around the world. Here are a few of the wonderful adventures I’ve had;

I stayed in luxury kasbahs (palaces), riads, and hotels, and went “glamping” in luxury tents in The Sahara in Morocco.

I went on a cruise island hopping with a friend who was CEO (of a company similar to Walmart in Asia).

I was invited to stay at a gorgeous luxury villa overlooking the ocean in Tobago by the owner of a well-known Caribbean art gallery.

I had lunch at a country club in Trinidad with a woman whose father was a famous Supreme Court judge who was the most well-known, highly decorated black pilot in the world, a fascinating man (check out “Hero” the film about his life here), and we have stayed in touch over the years.

I traveled by train from Malaysia to Thailand with a 78-year-old European widow who was bicycling alone through Cambodia for 2 weeks to meet up with her new lover, intrigued by her stories of love and life!

One of my closest friends, Linda, is a successful writer from Germany who lives in a gorgeous apartment in Marrakech but is buying a home in Africa with her handsome fiance (a well-known singer). Linda is one of the most amazing, kindest women I have ever met.

Oh, I could go on and on about the beautiful female friendships I have formed over the years!

If your focus is to find love or not, definitely book a trip soon.

Whether you’re into the blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic type, a smooth, sexy Italian, a Caribbean lovely, or an Asian hottie, there are so many men around the world just waiting to meet their soul mates and fall in love.

Or, you can just have a fun tour with a local who happens to drive a motorcycle and knows all the secret hot spots tourists will never see.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, friends, or even a lover, travel is essential!

I seriously could write a million reasons why travel is essential for any woman on her leveling-up journey.

International travel is far more than just a leisure activity; it is a transformative and essential part of the leveling-up journey. Through cultural enrichment, self-discovery, broadened horizons, global perspectives, new friendships, personal growth, and the dismantling of stereotypes, it shapes us into more informed, empathetic, and adaptable individuals.

As we venture into the world beyond our borders, we discover that the true treasures of travel are the experiences, connections, and personal growth it brings, making it an invaluable chapter in the book of our lives. Embrace the transformative power of international travel, and you will find that it enhances not only your journey but also your soul.

Where have you traveled and what are your favorite memories? Did you fall in love, or meet new friends? If not, what are you waiting for? Book a trip now and tell us about it below.

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